Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Saturday Activities

July 26, 2008

Saturday is holiday for Dea, but not for Anin. The morning came. Dea was so enthusiast. She woke up earlier and got ready with her swim suit. After taking Anin to school, I went home and there she was, standing in front of the garage, with her swimsuit and her new swim ring. “Come on, Mama! Take me to school! They said every Saturday I can swim from 8 to 10 am. There is a trainer; she will train me how to swim.” She started whimpering.

I drove to her school at 8 am. She sat at the back seat, couldn’t stand any longer. When we arrived there, it was quiet; I didn’t see other car and people. A young man approached me hurriedly. I asked him “Can I take my kid swim here?” He smiled then said,” I’m sorry Mam, the program will be start on the next Saturday."

Dea’s face was somber. I told her that I would take her swimming at the afternoon, with Anin and Rafif. I decided to go to the carwash, because my car was dirty and dusty. There was a long car queue. Since it was week end, many people had the same idea to wash their car that day. I couldn’t stop giggling to see Dea walking to and fro with her swim suit and swim ring at the carwash yard. She asked the carwash boy many times,” Is it my car’s turn? “; “Are you sure this is not my car’s turn?”; “Yes, finally. Would you clean it up quickly?” ; “Have you finished clean up my car?”;” What does take you so long? “ …..

Two hour later, the car was ready. I spent two hour waiting in the carwash; thank God I brought a book. “Sang Pemimpi” by Andrea Hirata. So, I didn’t waste time in vain. Dea was tired, she drunk two orange juice and three small bottle of Yakult. We went home.

In the afternoon, I took Anin, Dea, Rafif and Susan, the nanny, to swim at Buana Hijau Lestari (BHL). Here are some photos that show how happy they were!

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