Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Eidul Fitri 1430H

To all Muslim bloggers, I would like to say:

Happy Eidul Fitri 1430 H
Please forgive me for all the mistakes I've ever done

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Favorite Cuisine on Ramadan

Ramadan, the holy month of Moslem is about to ended. The next 4 days Moslem in Indonesia will have Idhul Fitri. Ramadan is always a very special moment for me and my family. This Ramadan, my first daughter Anin experiences her first fasting. She also begin her 5 times shalat. That is great!

On Ramadan, we do not only doing religious activities such as fasting, shalat, and reading Al Quran, but we also do our daily activities with a new spirit. Cooking is a very special moment because I do it together with my husband. On Ramadan, he always gets ideas for the menu we have on our breakfasting. So, he is willing to cook for the whole family, and it’s so special!

Since we live in Bogor, we miss our favorite cuisine of Palembang. So, we decided to cook our favorite cuisine. This Ramadan, we cooked some cuisines such as martabak with cheese, martabak with eggs and vegetables, samin rice, curry, kolak, and many others.

Martabak with cheese is one of Anin’s favorite foods. It is made from wheat flour, eggs, sugar, salt, milk and yeast. The admixture should be kept for 2 hours before being ready to be cooked. I made the admixture and my husband cooked it. Good cooperation! Ha..ha..

Martabak with cheese

Martabak with eggs and with vegetables is also special. At other places in Indonesia, martabak with eggs is served with soy souce. But in Palembang, it is served with curry of goat meat. The making of martabak is unique, because it needs a special skill to shape the admixture become very thin and wide to be filled with eggs or vegetables. I see the making of martabak is a performance of art, because the chef should throw down the admixture and whirl it without damaging it. Very interesting!

Martabak with vegetable and egg served with curry

Samin rice is also one of my family’s favorite cuisines. Actually it is a Middle East’s cuisine, but it has become very familiar in Palembang. Samin rice made from rice, samin butter, milk, leek, tomato, pineapple, seasoning such as kapulaga, clove, cinnamon, ginger, garlic and many others. It is so delicious and spicy, served with raisin and fried onion. The complements of samin rice are roasted chicken, curry, vegetables and sambal (chili with pineapple).

Samin rice served with roasted chicken, curry of goat meat, vegetable, tempe, tofu, and chili with pineapple

Ramadan is so beautiful... Hopefully I and my family can enjoy the precious moment of Ramadan next year.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Euphoria of Independence Day

Indonesia, my beloved country celebrated the 64th anniversary on 17 August 2009. August was the month when the red and white (the color of our flag) coloring everywhere in Indonesia. There were so many accessories dominated with red and white such as flags, balloons, ribbons, sparkling lamps, lampions, origami papers, were hanged along the roads, in the class rooms, on terraces, shopping arcades, and others.

In Indonesia, people celebrate the Independence Day by joining competition such as running with gunny sack, climbing betel palm tree, eating kerupuk (chips made of flour favored with fish or shrimps ), and other funny competitions. These competitions are held to keep the unity of people and also to express the euphoria of Independence Day.

Running with gunny sack

In my neighborhood, Bogor Nirwana Residence, the celebration of Independence Day was held at the Bukit Nirwana club house. There were a lot of people gathering there. Not only children, but also teenagers, and adults came to have fun. I saw a very old man with his rattan stick, sitting near the swimming pool, looked so happy to see the euphoria. Maybe the atmosphere here reminded him to the era when he was young and fighting for the Independence of Indonesia. Or maybe he was happy because he could feel the unity and confraternity as one nation although the people here came from various ethnics such as Javanese, Sundanese, Chinese, Arabic, Malayans, and Sumatrans. I, my husband, Anin and Rafif took a part by joining some competitions. Dea refused to join; she was just interested on eating ice cream and becoming supporter.

Anin joined the eating krupuk competition. She was excited because she wanted to be the winner. Last year, at our neighborhood at Palembang she got the second prize. But, this time, she wasn’t lucky. A bigger girl finished eating krupuk earlier then the others, so Anin lost.

Eating Kerupuk competition

Then, there was catching fish competition. Anin and Rafif took a part. They hold a plastic glass on their hand and were ready to catch the small fishes on the plastic pond. The committee blew the whistle and,” Go!” The children started to catch the fishes enthusiastically. I saw Anin collected many fishes, but Rafif found it’s so hard to catch one. Then, the sound of the whistle signified the time was up. Anin smiled and showed me her glass which was full of small fishes. But Rafif cried, he was disappointed because he couldn’t catch any fish. He cried loud and louder, and then Anin tried to calm him down by giving him one of her fishes. His crying changed into sweetest smile; he showed me the fish he got proudly. When the committee counted the fishes, Anin lost again. She got 12 fishes, and the winner got 13 fishes. She could be the winner if she didn’t give Rafif one fish. Anin was disappointed, but I hugged her, showing her that I was proud that she chose to share with his brother rather than to be the winner.

Catching Fish competition for children

Rafif and the small fish

The next was the competition for Moms. It was catching eel. Some woman refused to join because they were afraid of eel. They said “No, thanks! The eel remind me to snake, it’s terrified!”

Anin, Rafif and the eel

A woman tried to persuade me to join this competition. “You are not a coward, are you? Then join this! “She said, and it worked. Ha…ha… I decided to take a part rather than to be an audience.

So, I was ready. A plastic glass on my hand, and a lot of spirit on my heart, it seemed like a brave warrior ready to fight. The committee said,” Get Ready?? Go!!!” Then I started to collect the greasy eels. It was not easy! The eels were so greasy, that sometimes they could loose from my grasp. My kids supported me. “Come on, Mom! Catch them! Add more! You can do it!”

Here, I was catching eel with high fighting spirit

When the time was up, I saw my glass was full enough with eel and I was wet. The committee counted the eels. A skinny woman got 11 eels, a fat woman got only one eel, and some woman did not get any. I got 12 eels!! Ha..ha… then I became the winner.

Pulling Rope competition, looked at the faciall expressions, wow...

My husband joined pulling rope. Two groups consist of 5 people pulled the long rope towards them. The winner was the group who can pull the opposite towards them. The competition needed more energy because the key to be the winner were the power, the strength and team work. I did not hesitant my husband’s strength. So, the result was the same as I thought, his group became the winner.

Then there were another funny competition. Two people competed face to face walking on bamboo stick on the water, and they should hit the opposite using a pillow. The loser was the one who fell into water earlier. It was fun!

The ending of the celebration was the announcement of the winners. My kids were happy to see their parents got two prizes.I got the first prize of catching eel and my husband got the first prize of pulling rope. There’s one thing that disturbed, the prize for me was a tea set consist of six tea cups, so beautiful. But the prize for my husband was only a tea cup, only one, not a set. Ha..ha..ha… my husband got a little bit jealous of it.

The Happy Winners and their prize

This was the first time we celebrated Independence Day in the new neighborhood. We
I got the first prize of catching eel, we enjoyed it, very much.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Go for Sightseeing at Bogor ( I )

The view along the path inside my cluster, Tirta Nirwana

Being in new town, I found many new experiences, new friends, new interesting places and those made my life more colorful.

One time, I and my husband went for sightseeing by riding motorbike. We just looking around Bogor, trying to be more familiar with the roads, finding places such as traditional markets, arcades, café’s , hospitals, paths, malls, salons, and other places. We plunged into the crowded and complicated traffic along the roads which were full of cars for public transportation. The crowded traffic was annoying, but we understood that we should habituate with this condition. We also went along some paths and sometimes feeling surprised to know that the end of the paths were some places we’ve already knew. But sometimes, we found that we were trapped to a new place we’ve never knew before. It was fun.

Bogor is cool. There are many big trees along the roads. And the place I love most is the environment around my house and cluster. In the morning at weekend, I enjoy the beautiful scenery along the path to the swimming pool.

And sometimes, when I drive my car home from the market and find beautiful view, I stop the car and take the picture.

The main road of Bogor Nirwana Residence

Nirwana Epicentrum, Bogor Nirwana Residence

Having Lunch at Resto "Mie Sehat" at Jl. Surya Kencana, Bogor

Here in Bogor, I find many interesting cuisine. Two days ago, some new friends asked me to go to Jl. Surya Kencana. It was one of many places that became food court for people in Bogor. There were various food being sold along the road such as oriental food like noodle, capcay, kwe tiau, ngo hiong, siomay; traditional food like toge goreng, ketoprak, gado-gado, asinan Bogor, soto kuning, lontong, bakso (meat ball), sate, kupat tahu, batagor, and many other.

On Jl. Surya Kencana, I could also find many stores that sold products such as clothes, organic vegetables, groceries, tools, accessories, anything.

"Mie Sehat" cafe, at Jl. Surya Kencana, Bogor

I was attracted to a café, where I saw “ Mie Sehat” (Healthy Noodle) written on the advertising board in front of the café. The maid welcomed us with her sweetest smile. She said that they made noodle mixed with organic vegetables such as spinach, and carrot. She said they cooked them with natural organic spices, no MSG, and other preservatives.

So, a bowl of spinach noodle with mushroom and a glass of orange juice with fruit sugar had become my lunch that day. The taste was good, and the price was not expensive although it was not also cheap. Someday I will take my kids there to enjoy the healthy noodle again.

Shopping at Pasar Bogor

On the next day, I went to Pasar Bogor, a semi traditional market. My friend showed me the way to the parking lot on the top of the building. The place was not really good; it was a little bit dirty and crowded. Downstairs, I found many stores selling various goods on grosser, so people buy those goods and resell them.

My friends bought many things for the kids as the gifts on our celebration of Independence Day. There were rulers, sharpeners, pencils, pens, binders, bags, frames, etc. The prices were cheap, much cheaper than those of at other stores.

I will write other interesting things around Bogor, next time.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Having Fun at The Jungle Water Adventure

The Entrance

Still on vacation, my kids asked me to play at The Jungle Water Adventure, near by. So, last Friday, 3 July 2009, we did it. That was the second time we got there, but the kids looked enthusiastic the same like the first time. Like any other kids, Dea and Anin were really fond of playing with water.

Dea and I

The Jungle is located on the center of Bogor Nirwana Residence which called Nirwana Epicentrum. The area width is 2.5 ha and consists of many facilities for having fun such as kiddy pools, 3 kinds of racer sliders, Bird Park, stage for music and entertainment, fountain futsal court, food court, and gazebos.

Happy Kids

Kiddy Pool

Fountain Futsal Court

Racer Slider

The special thing that differ this water-park from the other water-parks like Ocean Park at BSD, Atlantis at Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, and water boom-Lippo Cikarang at Bekasi is the view. The Jungle has mount Salak view on the background, so beautiful…

The view of mount Salak as the background

I and the kids also visit “The Haunted House” there. The kids were curios to see many kinds of “ghost” (not the real ghost, of course). It’s fun for me, but scary for the kids….

Anin and Dea,before entering the Haunted House

Anin and the "ghost" face on the entrance of The Haunted House

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hendro Darsono in Memoriam

Yesterday morning, when I prepared breakfast for my husband, my phone cell rang. Hendro Darsono” was showed on my phone screen. I was glad because I thought it was Hendro who called me. But, when I picked the phone, I heard someone crying, it was Hendro’s mother. “ Dewi, Hendro have just passed away just now. Please contact other friends, told them. Can you do that for me?”

Oh my God. Couldn’t stop my tears from falling, I felt my legs supple. I told my husband, and I cried and cried.

Hendro Darsono was one of my best friends. I knew him since we were senior high school student on 1988. He was an outstanding, smart, creative and diligent student. He was stolid, calm, and introvert, but he was willing to help friends anytime.

I remembered, every time we had physical exercise, such as athletic, and gymnastic, he never joined. I wonder why, but some friends told me that he had problem with his spine and bone.

Years passed by, I heard about him once in a while, that he was resigned from University, but then he finished his strata 1 education from The Open University, a distance learning Government University. He never lost his passion of learning.

In the end of 2007, I heard that he had been an author. He wrote 9-10 books. When I got his phone number, I called him. He was still the same, calm and steady. He told me about his daily activities. It was amazing that he could do many things without going out from home. He taught English and Computer for junior high school students, senior high school students, and even University Student strata 1 and 2. When he asked me my daily activity, I was ashamed telling him that I was just a housewife. Then he offered me to learn about blogging. He told me how he could get money from blogging.

In the early 2008, I and two of my friends started to learn blogging from him. It was excited experience. He was willing to answer, even any silly questions we asked, and assisted us at any problems about internet and blogging. I owned him much. Sitting on his wheel chair, he taught me to keep learning and learning. He shared many tips and software and also his experiences on the world of blogging and internet.

After underwent surgical operation, his condition was getting worse not only physically but also mentally. He called me, and told me how sad he was. I could feel what he feel, he was down, so down….

Time passed by, sometimes I visited him. His emotion was up and down. Once in a while, I saw him so excited to undergo physical therapy, but some other time he looked so hopeless.

One day before moving to Bogor, I visited him. He was sitting on his wheel chair, looked so pale and skinny. He said that it had been two weeks he didn’t do blogging. His mother explained that he got fever. Hendro didn’t talk much. That’s the last time I saw him…

Good bye, my dear friend Hendro Darsono... May God give you a lovely palace in Heaven. I will remember you as my dear friend, teacher, and inspiring person.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Home Loan Modification: A Big Help to Avoid Home from Foreclosure

One day Ben Johnson visited her friend, Sally Peterson. But, when he arrived at her home, she was so busy packaging her stuff. It seemed that Sally would move to other place. Sally was surprised of Ben’s coming, she told Ben that she had received a foreclosure notice, and she faced a big problem due to her monthly mortgage payment.

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Family Entertainment from Direct TV

Talking about home and family entertainment is talking about DirectTV. I can say that it is a good way to keep the kids stay at home instead of playing out side.

The kids really enjoy the family entertainment program of DirectTV with over 45 channels that suitable for all ages. Besides the educational program, there are also religious and entertainment program that is very interesting for the kids and the whole family.

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With digital Direct TV system, the customer can experience a stunning crystal-clear and 100% digital-quality view.

So, do you want to keep the family get together at home? Just order Direct TV.

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Morning Activity

Morning view looked from my balcony

Since 17 June, 2009 I and my family and also my two maids live in Bogor Nirwana Residence, Bogor. This is our first week becoming the citizen of Bogor. What an excited experience!

We enjoy new environment, new house, new atmosphere and also new daily activity. In the morning when the sun rise in the East, we can see the beautiful mounts Salak and Pangrango from our terrace and balconies. I felt just like starting a new life with a new spirit when I see the stunning view.

Today, my husband, Dea and I spent the morning by riding bike around our cluster, while Anin and Rafif still sleeping. After foresight-seeing we went to the club house. Dea and her father couldn’t deny the temptation of the beautiful swimming pool with the “blue” water; they swam happily until they got exhausted.

Dea also played at the children playground near the swimming pool. But then she felt hungry, so we went home to have breakfast.
I don’t know why I always feel hungry here, in Bogor. When I was in Palembang, breakfast was not a must, because I didn’t feel hungry. But now, it seems that I don’t want to miss my meal time, I want to eat and eat and eat… wow, any food taste delicious here in Bogor!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Preparing to Move to Bogor

On next Wednesday, I and my family will leave Palembang. I can’t exactly express my feeling, because it is a mixture of sadness, but also excitement.

I’m sad because I have to leave my parents, my parents in law, my sisters, my brothers and sisters-in-law, my nephews, my nieces, and the other kin and also my friends. I’m sad because I have to leave my houses, J-3 and J-7, especially J-3, my lovely home where so many sweet memories happened.

I’m excited because I will have another experience living in the new community in Bogor. I can decorate my new house, I can have new friends and neighbors, and something new makes me feel conscious.

My husband will arrive this evening. On the next day we will check the stuffs that should be brought and also supervise the packing of the stuffs. All the big stuffs such as piano, and motorcycles will be brought by cargo.

My sister –in law, Wati and her family will live at J-3. That’s something makes me relieve because I know Wati will maintain it carefully. But J-7 will be sold, since I have bought a house in Bogor, it’s too hard to maintain 3 houses.

Rafif enjoyed his last meeting with Miss Maria and Noel.

My kids also feel sad because they have to leave their friends and teachers. Rafif said good bye to his lovely teacher, Miss Maria on his English class yesterday. And Dea also enjoyed her last meeting with friends and her caring and kind teacher, Miss Irmah. But I don’t know how Anin feel about her last meeting with her friends and teacher. It seemed that she didn’t feel sad. Even she refused when I wanted to take the photo of her friends.

So, on next Wednesday 17 June 2009, I will say good bye to Palembang, my lovely city. And then, Bogor! I’m coming!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What Primary Color Are You?

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Swing Sets and Playground Equipment to Cheer the Children

When I visited Meta, one of my old friends, she was looking after her kids Reva and Rama at the playground at her backyard. Reva and Rama were playing glider and swingset. They were laughing exhilaratingly and really having fun.

Meta said that she was just bought those playground equipment and she was contented because the products were beautiful, strong, and also safe for kids.

I was interested to get more information about the products so Meta told me about

Soon, when I browsed, I visited this site. Meta was right, it was interesting! I found many products such as swing sets, slides,bike racks, daycare indoor, daycare outdoor, glides, tire swings and many more.

The most important thing is that provided the equipments which were no arsenic, no chromium wood, so they were safe for children.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bed Rails and Other Home Safety Products at KidSafe

Last night, while sleeping, out of the blue I woke up because of Rafif’s crying. He fell down from his bed, and cried because he was shocked. Fortunately, he’s ok. I hug him then he stopped crying, but then I couldn’t sleep anymore, keeping him from falling again.

I thought I should do something to keep him safe. So I browsed internet, searching for home safety products. At KidSafe I found Bed Rails. The Bed Rails at KidSafe were made of a high quality furniture grade hardwood, with easy installation and can be used for children aged 18 months – 6 years old. It’s the best choice for Rafif.

There were home safety products such as child safety locks, electrical safety, furniture safety, kitchen safety and many others products that can make the home a safe place where children can play, learn and explore.

At KidSafe, I found not only the products, but also safety tips that were helpful as guidance to create safer homes for kids. The safety tips gave people knowledge to keep children away from being the victims of accidents at homes.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Spending Sunday Afternoon with My Family

The happiest moment in life is when I spend time together with my husband and kids. Last Sunday we decided to go to Palembang Trade Center Mall to buy some stuffs. The kids were excited because they could get what they wanted. Rafif got his favorite toy: Hot Wheel car. Anin bought some DVD of Barbie and Dea bought CD of Play Station.

Still busy with his cell phone..

Forget my diet program for a while, couldn't resist the temptation of chicken noodle, ha..ha..

Then, we hung out at our favorite café, to enjoy our favorite food: Chicken noodle.

Look at Rafif and Anin. The photos shows how a bowl of chicken noodle could raise their appetite. Ha..ha..


Monday, May 18, 2009

Is Your Life Boring?

I Live an Interesting Life

I may not live the most exciting life, but I'm actually pretty fascinating.

I keep busy and active. I try to enjoy life at every turn.

If I feel like things have gotten a bit boring lately, I may need to shake it up a bit.

Try visiting a new place, eating a new type of food, or listening to some new music.

Novelty makes for a more interesting life!

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Farrey’s :The Unique High Quality Products for Home

Thinking about our new house is an excitement. I always think about how to make our house more comfortable to live in. So, as usual, I browse the internet to find what I should do to our new house.

I just think to equip the house with the unique high quality product. What kind of product? This question is tangle in my mind until finally I find Farrey’s online store that sell many beautiful products for home.

The Ceiling Fans at Farrey’s are amazing. There are so many options such as Casablanca ceiling fans, Craftmade ceiling fans, Emerson ceiling fans, Hudson Valley lighting ceiling fans and many others. I think it’s smart to choose ceiling fan instead of air conditioner because the ceiling fan does not only reduce the heat but also can be a beautiful element of decoration. And one thing, it is safer for the world deal with the global warming issue.

Farrey’s offers not only ceiling fans but also a wide range of unique high quality products for home such as bathroom products and bathroom hardware, kitchen products, doorware, lighting and lamps, and ventilation and vent fan products.

Those beautiful products give me a lot of ideas to make my new house be more comfortable to live in.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Having Fun at Fun World

Last Sunday, after attending a wedding party, I took my kids to have fun at Fun World, Palembang Trade Center. My mother, my sister Rika and her kids, Dilla and Raihan also joined us.

Playing was really fun there, at least for the kids, that what I saw on their faces. Rafif and Raihan laughed and waved to me and Rika while they were sitting on the moving small- train.

Anin, Dea and Dilla enjoyed playing ship coaster. Then they tried fishing toys. Each of them got a necklace pen, but they were not satisfied. They tried another game to get more reward, such as crocodile punch, crazy crab, catching doll and many others. But, it seemed that they were unlucky, they only got few cards to be exchanged to a reward: a sticker. Oh…poor girls! ha..ha..

Raihan and Rafif took another action. They played at the Toddler Play Ground. They swam on the ball pond, climbed the stair, slide down and hopped happily.

Raihan and Rafif seemed so big among the kids who played there. Of course they were, because these kids had the same hobby : eating!. ha..ha...

After playing, the kids felt hungry. So, we went to our favorite café “French “downstairs, on the lower ground. We enjoyed chicken noodle and tea while chatting and sharing happiness and joy. I love hang out with family!