Saturday, June 13, 2009

Preparing to Move to Bogor

On next Wednesday, I and my family will leave Palembang. I can’t exactly express my feeling, because it is a mixture of sadness, but also excitement.

I’m sad because I have to leave my parents, my parents in law, my sisters, my brothers and sisters-in-law, my nephews, my nieces, and the other kin and also my friends. I’m sad because I have to leave my houses, J-3 and J-7, especially J-3, my lovely home where so many sweet memories happened.

I’m excited because I will have another experience living in the new community in Bogor. I can decorate my new house, I can have new friends and neighbors, and something new makes me feel conscious.

My husband will arrive this evening. On the next day we will check the stuffs that should be brought and also supervise the packing of the stuffs. All the big stuffs such as piano, and motorcycles will be brought by cargo.

My sister –in law, Wati and her family will live at J-3. That’s something makes me relieve because I know Wati will maintain it carefully. But J-7 will be sold, since I have bought a house in Bogor, it’s too hard to maintain 3 houses.

Rafif enjoyed his last meeting with Miss Maria and Noel.

My kids also feel sad because they have to leave their friends and teachers. Rafif said good bye to his lovely teacher, Miss Maria on his English class yesterday. And Dea also enjoyed her last meeting with friends and her caring and kind teacher, Miss Irmah. But I don’t know how Anin feel about her last meeting with her friends and teacher. It seemed that she didn’t feel sad. Even she refused when I wanted to take the photo of her friends.

So, on next Wednesday 17 June 2009, I will say good bye to Palembang, my lovely city. And then, Bogor! I’m coming!