Sunday, July 5, 2009

Having Fun at The Jungle Water Adventure

The Entrance

Still on vacation, my kids asked me to play at The Jungle Water Adventure, near by. So, last Friday, 3 July 2009, we did it. That was the second time we got there, but the kids looked enthusiastic the same like the first time. Like any other kids, Dea and Anin were really fond of playing with water.

Dea and I

The Jungle is located on the center of Bogor Nirwana Residence which called Nirwana Epicentrum. The area width is 2.5 ha and consists of many facilities for having fun such as kiddy pools, 3 kinds of racer sliders, Bird Park, stage for music and entertainment, fountain futsal court, food court, and gazebos.

Happy Kids

Kiddy Pool

Fountain Futsal Court

Racer Slider

The special thing that differ this water-park from the other water-parks like Ocean Park at BSD, Atlantis at Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, and water boom-Lippo Cikarang at Bekasi is the view. The Jungle has mount Salak view on the background, so beautiful…

The view of mount Salak as the background

I and the kids also visit “The Haunted House” there. The kids were curios to see many kinds of “ghost” (not the real ghost, of course). It’s fun for me, but scary for the kids….

Anin and Dea,before entering the Haunted House

Anin and the "ghost" face on the entrance of The Haunted House

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hendro Darsono in Memoriam

Yesterday morning, when I prepared breakfast for my husband, my phone cell rang. Hendro Darsono” was showed on my phone screen. I was glad because I thought it was Hendro who called me. But, when I picked the phone, I heard someone crying, it was Hendro’s mother. “ Dewi, Hendro have just passed away just now. Please contact other friends, told them. Can you do that for me?”

Oh my God. Couldn’t stop my tears from falling, I felt my legs supple. I told my husband, and I cried and cried.

Hendro Darsono was one of my best friends. I knew him since we were senior high school student on 1988. He was an outstanding, smart, creative and diligent student. He was stolid, calm, and introvert, but he was willing to help friends anytime.

I remembered, every time we had physical exercise, such as athletic, and gymnastic, he never joined. I wonder why, but some friends told me that he had problem with his spine and bone.

Years passed by, I heard about him once in a while, that he was resigned from University, but then he finished his strata 1 education from The Open University, a distance learning Government University. He never lost his passion of learning.

In the end of 2007, I heard that he had been an author. He wrote 9-10 books. When I got his phone number, I called him. He was still the same, calm and steady. He told me about his daily activities. It was amazing that he could do many things without going out from home. He taught English and Computer for junior high school students, senior high school students, and even University Student strata 1 and 2. When he asked me my daily activity, I was ashamed telling him that I was just a housewife. Then he offered me to learn about blogging. He told me how he could get money from blogging.

In the early 2008, I and two of my friends started to learn blogging from him. It was excited experience. He was willing to answer, even any silly questions we asked, and assisted us at any problems about internet and blogging. I owned him much. Sitting on his wheel chair, he taught me to keep learning and learning. He shared many tips and software and also his experiences on the world of blogging and internet.

After underwent surgical operation, his condition was getting worse not only physically but also mentally. He called me, and told me how sad he was. I could feel what he feel, he was down, so down….

Time passed by, sometimes I visited him. His emotion was up and down. Once in a while, I saw him so excited to undergo physical therapy, but some other time he looked so hopeless.

One day before moving to Bogor, I visited him. He was sitting on his wheel chair, looked so pale and skinny. He said that it had been two weeks he didn’t do blogging. His mother explained that he got fever. Hendro didn’t talk much. That’s the last time I saw him…

Good bye, my dear friend Hendro Darsono... May God give you a lovely palace in Heaven. I will remember you as my dear friend, teacher, and inspiring person.