Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rafif’s Cooking Class

On Wednesday, 23 April 2009, Rafif and his classmates from 3 to 6 English Course had a cooking class. This was the first experience for Rafif, so he was enthusiastic. The cooking class was held at Bogasari Kitchen near the PTC mall.

The Chef, Mr. Suyanto from Bogasari welcomed the kids by giving them chocolate wafer. After giving explanation, the Chef and teachers assisted the kids to make mini pizza.

Rafif and his friends were excited when they put mushroom, beef, sausage, cheese and paprika on the mini pizza. They can choose the topping they want for their pizza. I laughed when I saw Rafif ate a piece of mushroom, but then he said,” Yuck! What is this? I don’t like this!”

When the pizzas were ready, they seemed so delicious. The kids ate them and brought some pizzas home. Rafif gave the pizzas to Anin, Dea, and his Nanny. He said “I made pizza by myself.” proudly…

Friday, April 24, 2009

Choosing Special Gifts for Children

Andy, one of my old friends called me this morning. He wanted to come to Palembang on the next two week to see his mother, his sisters and also his nephew and niece. Andy, a handsome man who has been living in Australia for 9 years, is still single. I don’t understand why he hasn’t decided to marry someone; although I know he really want to have his own happy family.

He said the main reason he came to Palembang is to see his nephew and niece, Deny (3 years old) and Farah (2 years old). He has never seen them before. His sister sent him their photos through e-mail.

Andy told me that he wanted to give something special for Deny and Farah, but he didn’t have any idea. He wanted to bring the gifts when he comes to Palembang. So, I told him to shop at Shop Wiki, a site where a shopper can find anything sale on the web.

I suggest Andy to buy children books which can stimulate reading interest of children. He can read them story book to build uncle-nephew bond and creates a fun experience together.

There are a lot more options he can choose for the gifts. Toddler Clothing is a good option, but since he has never seen the children, maybe he would find difficulty to choose the clothing size.

Toys and Games could be the best option. He could find toys which are not only safe for children but also have educational element.

Andy said he couldn’t wait to come to Palembang, he promised me to see me too. He thanked me, because he had already knew what special things he would bring for Deny and Farah.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

For my Beloved Husband on His Birthday

My dear husband,

When I was a little girl, I imagined someday I would marry a prince who loved me.

In my naïve mind, I imagined he was so handsome, the most handsome man in the world.

Yes, it was my dream. It was only the immature longing of a little girl who loved romance.

But when the reality comes, I find more than just a dream comes true.

Although you are not a prince and you are not the most handsome man in the world, but …

You are the one who makes me happy

You are the one to hold me when I’m afraid

You are the one who made me a Mother

You are a man among men

You are my love, my soul mate, my leader, my hero

Happy birthday, my husband…

Thank you for making my life more beautiful than my dream

With all my love,

Dewi Sutedja