Friday, March 20, 2009

Direct TV and Its Preeminence

Has bad weather disturbed the signal of your Cable TV? Do you pay higher cost for Cable DVR? Do you want 130 HD channels and Counting? If your answers are” yes” for the questions above, so it’s time for you to order Direct TV.

With digital DirecTV satellite system, no matter how bad is the weather, you can still watch all the programs without any disturbances. You can also experience an amazing crystal-clear and 100% digital-quality view.

Direct TV offers package that gives you over 150 digital channels for only $52.99/month including your local channels, while you’ll get only 60-90 analog channels with Cable for the same price.

Direct TV provides 130 HD channels while the Cable TV and Dish Network do not do the same thing.

The other preeminence of Direct TV is it provides exclusive packages such as NFL Sunday Ticket, Nascar Hot Pass, NCAA Mega March Madness, and MLB Extra Innings, which you can’t get from Cable TV and Dish Network.

So, don’t waste your time, order Direct TV at now!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rafif Got Asthma Relapse

Last Sunday, Rafif got asthma relapse. The day before, he ate a bar of chocolate while he got cough. It was my mistake. I shouldn’t give him chocolate until he is fit. I didn’t have the heart seeing him breathed, seemed so hard. He refused any food I gave him. That was never happen if he’s healthy.

I called Doctor Aditiawati, the pediatrician. She didn’t answer the phone. Then I sent her sms. Several minutes later she replied, she said that she was in Jakarta.

Soon, I took Rafif to the Emergency Unit of Charitas Hospital. Susan, his nanny and Anin accompanied us. The nurse there helped him to get inhalation trough nebulizer. The doctor gave me prescription. Then we went to the drug store to get the medicine.

His condition wasn’t getting better although I had given him the medicine twice. That evening, I took him again to the Emergency Unit. He got inhalation again, and again. “Mama, I want to go home…” H e said. The doctor suggested me to continue to give him the medicine.

“Honey, if only I could substitute, let me bear the illness..” I cried in my heart.

Thank God, now he is getting better. I’m so happy to see him smile and laugh again.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Anin’s Birthday

Bogor, 25 February 2009

Anin has been waiting for this day. It's her birthday. Actually she wanted to have a small birthday party with the whole family, but we couldn’t do that because we were still in Bogor. So I asked her what kind of birthday present she wanted. The answer was so simple; she wanted to play at “The Jungle”. The Jungle is an adventurous water park located near our new house, at Bogor Nirwana Residence.

So, we went there. The first time I took the picture of this place, but then, when I was inside the area of The Jungle, I forget everything. I forget to take the picture of many fun things there because I was too excited and too busy enjoying the racer slide, leisure pool, lazy river, etc with my husband and kids. Next time I will write about The Jungle and post the photos of this adventurous water park.

On the afternoon, I and my husband went to furniture store to order beds for our new house. On the way home, we saw “Michele Bakery”, a cake shop which was recommended by Ori the day before. So we bought a small birthday cake there.

Anin was happy when she saw the cake. I put a “9” candle on the cake, and then Dea and Rafif were so enthusiastic to blow on the candle. We celebrated Anin’s birthday in our new house. Happy Birthday Anin!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Home Safety Products for Kid

It’s about my new house and also my kid’s safety. Since I heard the bad news from my neighbor that her kid, Lita (2 years old), had fallen from the stair at her house, I was worried. I was afraid the terrible things like that would happen to my kids.

Next June, we will move to our new house in Bogor. There are a stairs and two balconies there in my new house. That’s what makes me worry. Rafif, my youngest boy, is really active. He likes playing at the stairs and near the balcony. I couldn’t stop thinking about what to do to keep him safe until I found KidSafe.

KidSafe offers a satisfied solution to ease my anxiety. There are wide range home safety products to keep the kid and baby safe. The products such as baby stairway gates, deck shield, child safety locks, electrical safety, toilet lock, bed rails, and many more seem to be the solution to keep my kids safe at home.

It’s great, because as long as I know it’s difficult to find the home safety products on the ordinary retail stores and supermarket. The other interesting thing I got from KidSafe was the child safety tips to prevent the household accidents.

Now, there’s no more anxiety. Just like the motto of KidSafe “Safer homes for kids. Peace of mind for parents”

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Having Fun at the Club House

Bogor, Monday, 23 February 2009

Anin and Dea asked their father to take them swimming. So, after having breakfast at Taman Kencana, we went to Bogor Nirwana Residence (BNR). It was sunny day, so from the entrance of BNR, the view of Salak and Pangrango mounts as the background of BNR looked so amazing. It was beautiful!

When we arrived at the club house near our new house, Anin and Dea ran towards the swimming pool. They did warming up and stretching at the pool side. I laughed when I saw Dea acted like an instructor and taught her sister how to do stretching. Then they plunged into the swimming pool joyously. Rafif was reluctant to swim. He was afraid of water. So he just played at the playground and ran excitedly around the club house.

I, my mom and my husband enjoyed the sight seeing and the fresh air. Near the swimming pool, there is an artificial river with its artificial water fall extend outward along the center of the cluster. The sound of water fall was enjoyable and soothed my mind.

When I went upstairs to the club house, the view looked more beautiful. My husband sat on the sofa and began to work with his laptop. He could finish some report of his job but then he yawned. The peaceful atmosphere made him sleepy.

After swimming, I helped Anin and Dea to take a bath. We went to our new house to clean it up. It was a beautiful day I’ll never forget. Hopefully we will be happy living in this beautiful place next June.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reverse Mortgage

Life turned to be complicated for Derrek Knighton, 65 years old, since he retired from his job. He was on a fixed income but the costs of his necessities tend to increase. Some parts of his beautiful house needed to be repaired. Besides that, he needed more money to pay someone to clean up his house since he couldn’t do it by himself. His rheumatism kept him from doing it.

He thought about starting his own business to get extra money to fulfill his need. But he didn’t get any idea how to get the other source of cash for the capital.

One day, his friend, Ben Johnson told him about reverse mortgages. Johnson said Knighton could use his home as collateral for “loans you don’t have to repay”. At the first time Knighton was skeptical. He tried to get more information about reverse mortgage from internet. When he knew that he could receive money and he would still own his house, he took out a home equity.

Now, Knighton feels relief. He can pay his bills, he still owns his house, and even he is starting his own business. Besides extra cash, he got one more thing from reverse mortgage. It was medicare supplemental insurance which was the solution for his health problems. Life soon turns to be so beautiful for him now.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Visiting Bogor Episode 3

Saturday 21 February 2009

I and my family plus My Mom went to Bogor again. This time our agenda were to settle the process of purchasing the house and also to find school for my kids.

We went by car at 6.30 in the morning. I was worried of two things when we left from Palembang. The first, I was worried about the road. Last time we passed trans-Sumatra highway, the condition of the road was so bad. The car should move slowly and choose the path to avoid big cavities on the road. And the second, I was worried about the sea waves. I saw the news on, there were a lot of Ships couldn’t sail because of the high sea-waves.

Thanks God, everything was ok. The trans-Sumatera high way had been repaired, although the condition wasn’t 100% good, but it was adequate. And, we could across the sea smoothly because the sea waves were in the normal condition.

We arrived in Bogor at 9 in the evening. The cool atmosphere of Bogor welcomed us, so that we felt comfortable. We stayed in our favorite hotel, Terra Nostra Boutique Hotel on Jl. Salak no.8. The cozy room made us got sleep well so that we could wake up in the next morning freshly.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

In the morning, we went to Taman Kencana near the hotel. There were a lot of people sold many kinds of food there. We could find bakso ( meat ball), gado-gado and karedok ( salad ala Indonesia), siomay, batagor, cireng, soto, rawon, sate and chicken porridge.

On the center of Taman Kencana, there is a group of artist performing traditional dance and wayang golek show. Wayang golek is wooden doll puppet operated by someone which is called “dalang”. The show was funny and entertaining!

Traditional dance and Wayang Golek Show at Taman Kencana, Bogor

After having breakfast and enjoying the show, we went back to the hotel. Mamah Ar, my Mom’s niece came to the hotel with her daughter, Nella, her son-in-law, Suhartono, and her two grandchildren, Qashmal and Vira. Then, aunt Yati, the other niece of my mom, also came with her son, Bima. Soon, our room was crowded, and became an arena of family reunion. What a pleasure!