Friday, January 30, 2015

Doraemon's Magical Pink Bandana

Being  pursued  by deadline but my brain is clogged. It  has been happening  to me since three weeks ago. I have to finish a manuscript soon but I face a deadlock. Day by day  I can  only stare at   the screen of my   laptop.  I can not write a single sentence at all.

I've been trying to find activities that create  better mood  . But they  were in vain.

The deadline is getting closer and I am  increasingly helpless. I wish I had  Doraemon's  magic pocket  so  I  could grab a magical tool that could  solve my problems.

The magical tool is  pink bandana. What I have to do is just  put the pink bandana  on my head, and  then  the brilliant  writing ideas will be  popping into my mind. The whole idea will be  very attractive and equipped with  very complete data. Wearing that tool,   I can write down all the ideas fluently . By wearing  the tool there will be  no longer deadlock mind. I will  be a  very productive  writer who produce works such as books, articles, reviews, film script, and  fiction stories.

I wish I had a magical  pink bandana ...

Friday, January 23, 2015

A Happy Housewife and Her Gadget

It was undeniable that gadget affect my life since I had a  cell phone. I was one of many people who feel greatly helped by the gadget.

When the mobile phone technology could  only provide telephone and SMS, mobile phones had become an important part in my life. 

My husband has a work schedule two weeks in the field, and two weeks off at home. During the two-week separated by  long distances away   from my husband, the phone became  our communication bridge. I could not imagine being   far away from  my soulmate without being able to reach him.

Along with the development of mobile phone technology which  has  entered the era of smartphones, my husband and I had several times changed gadgets. We really enjoyed the benefits of technological developments that make our communication more smooth and comfortable.

How gadget affect my life?  Well... I admit that alot of my activities are highly dependent on my gadget. 

The gadget is not only a medium to communicate , but more than that. Features that exist on the gadget facilitate a lot of things. For example, the ease of accessing information on the Internet, the ease of access to social media, entertainment facilities, a tool to capture the moment with  camera feature, subtitute   of notepad, calculator, alarm and others.

So,  I have to say  that gadget is really help me.  I set up daily activities schedule with the gadget.  I read the Qur'an in the gadget.I contact  friends to coordinate the various events with gadgets. I contact my husband and my children with gadgets. I cook with recipes that are listed in the gadget. I document the events that I face  with the camera in the gadget.

Like a double-edged knife, I do not always find the good things of gadget. Sometimes I  could also upset to see my children busy with their gadgets, so they neglect the obligation to learn or get together and with our  family.

In the end no matter how many benefits offered by the gadget, we must still use it wisely. There must be the rules  for myself, my husband  and children so that the use of gadget does not result in adverse affects.

P.S: This post is submitted as a part of weekly blog challenge in Blog English Club (BEC). It's tthe third week already, but this is the first time I take the challenge since I've just join the club. This week theme is " How gadgets affect our life?" Any of you interested in joining the challenge? Find further details by clicking the club's official site : Blog English Club