Thursday, November 6, 2008

Going to Madinah and Mekkah for Hajj Pilgrimage

Today, my husband and I will stay in Hajj dormitory ( Asrama Haji )for a while, waiting for the time to leave Palembang to King Abdul Azis airport at Jeddah on 7 November 2008. We will go to Madinah from Jeddah by bus.

This is the first step for us to do Hajj pilgrimage, something I’ve been waiting for years ago. I can’t exactly express my feeling but I feel excited, anxious, touched, nervous, a little bit sad, and happy.

I’m sad because I have to leave my kids for about 40 days. I know I shouldn’t worry because my parents and my parents in law will take care of them. The nanny and my maid will also look after my kids.

To all the bloggers and friends, we would like to apologize for all the mistakes we’ve ever done before. Hopefully, everything will run smoothly and we will be hajj mabrur.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Visiting Bogor (3)

Ice Cream at d’fla Cake Shop

On the way we went back to the hotel, Dea started to whimper. She wanted ice cream, and she wanted it so bad. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any ice cream counter along the way. When we arrived at the hotel, my husband asked me to take the kids to the coffee shop near by. He thought there would be any ice cream there. But when I got there, there’s no one there. The coffee shop was closed. Dea cried.

Suddenly, I remember there’s a cake shop at the hotel. I took the kids went back to the hotel.

The cake shop was quiet, but it was open. A girl smiled at me when I opened the door. I said “Do you have any ice cream? “. She was not sure.” Would you please waiting? I’ll check it. Please have a sit.”

I sat on the sofa. Then a woman came out from the kitchen. She was the owner of d'fla. She smiled friendly. “Hi. We have ice cream. It’s made of pure milk and I’m sure your kids will like it. I made it by myself.”

Dea and Anin looked happy; they ordered chocolate ice cream, while Rafif ordered strawberry and chocolate ice cream. I saw satisfaction on their faces when having those ice cream.

Btw, the taste of the ice cream was really good. That's way my kids ate all of them and they said later on they wanted it more.

Oh kids…. A cup of ice cream was enough to make them happy.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Start Up Loans

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Visiting Bogor (2)

9 October 2008

Beautiful morning in Bogor, I looked trough the window. The morning sun conveyed its light from the East. My husband and my kids were still sleeping, while I couldn’t wait any longer to start the day in this lovely city.

Bogor City is a gate of West Java province, 60 Km from Jakarta, the capital of Republic of Indonesia. Bogor is on the main road from Jakarta to Bandung, over the Puncak pass.

Having 120 km away from Bandung, the capital of West Java province, it’s well known as a “rain city” because of its ± 3000 to 4000 mm rain fall quantity per year. It is very wet and nearly always rains even during dry season.

When the first time I arrived at this city, my eyes caught two interesting things. The first was factory outlets and shopping centre. I was afraid I couldn’t hold my shopping desire since I’m an impulsive buyer. And the second was the food. There were so many cafĂ©, restaurant, and even rounds man offering various and delicious food. I thought this could be a potential danger which threatens my diet program!

One more thing, the roads in Bogor looked so crowd with its public vans ( angkot /angkutan kota). So, this was why people called this city as “ the city of million public vans” ( Kota sejuta angkot). Ha..ha..

I asked my husband and kids to wake up and took a bath. Then we went around the city to find chicken porridge for our breakfast. Mmmm, yummy…. Each of us ate two bowls of chicken porridge!

Bogor Nirwana Residence

Finding a house to live in was our main agenda, so we went straight to the marketing office of Bogor Nirwana Residence. Entering the gate, I could see beautiful houses along the road. The marketing office, PT. Graha Andrasentra Propertindo, looked modern and stylist. My kids were playing around the fish pond while I and my husband talked to the marketing officers.

We planned to buy a land on Tirta Nirwana cluster which is sold by someone, and then build a house on it. My husband fell in love with the location, because it has a small artificial river. We imagined sitting on the gazebo near the river and relaxing, what a wonderful life!

But then we should burry the dream, because the owner said on the phone that he did not want to sell the land, although a few days before he decided to sell it to us! Oh God.

We returned to the marketing office and the officers offered us another options. It was on the Harmony-2 cluster. The cluster located 1.3 km away from Tirta Nirwana cluster. Finally, we could find a land which was wider than the land before. On the 343 m² area we planned to build a 120 m² wide house.

The house will be build right after the down payment and the transfer of property to the owner ( us ) will be held next year, or one year after the down payment. It means that the house will be finished on November 2009. Since we planned to move on July 2009, we still need to rent a house until our house is ready to live in.

My husband had signed the agreement and I was grateful the process was simple and easy. Next year, my family will be the denizen of Bogor!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Visiting Bogor (1)

On October 8-11, 2008 my husband and I took our children to Bogor. Searching for a house to live in was the main reason we went there. We had already searched in Bintaro, Serpong, and Bumi Serpong Damai, but we hadn’t made a decision.

I felt this time would be different. It felt like we would finally find the house and its environment fixed with our expectation.

We went to Bogor by car. My children were so happy. Although the trip took 14 hours from Palembang to Bogor, but Anin, Dea and Rafif enjoyed it.

We arrived at the hotel on 9:30 PM. Mr. Micky Mozes, my husband’s friend, had booked the hotel for us.

Terra Nostra Boutique Hotel

We stay at Terra Nostra Boutique Hotel. Offering modern facilities and services, Terra Nostra hotel is a cozy place for those who seeking for a quiet and peaceful location close to the city.

Situated right in the centre of Bogor, this hotel is located on Jl. Salak no. 8. It is a walk able distances from the shops, cafes, and entertainments and just a few steps away from The Bogor Botanical Garden and Bogor Palace.

I like its cozy room. The style of its room is modern minimalist. The room equipped with Air conditioning, bathtub and shower with hot and cold water, internet connection, telephone, refrigerator, television with in house and satellite channels, and minibar and coffee maker.

I think I will stay here if someday we visit Bogor again.

Beautiful Dresses for Tisa

My friend Eva sent me sms “Thank God, finally we can give Adam a sibling, a baby girl!” I was surprised and happy for her. When I called her, I could feel how happy she was; finally she could deliver a cute and healthy baby girl. Adam, her first boy told me that he chose a name for his sister. He named her Latisa Verina or Tisa.

I thought I should give Tisa something special. When I browsed the internet, I found ShopWiki. It is a site where the shopper can find anything for sale on the web.

I could find all baby and toddler stuff on this site, such as bags, car seats, strollers, clothes, activity sets, nursery furniture, books, toys and many other. The choices were complete.

Something special from this site was the products buying guides which help the shoppers to find the suitable baby and toddler stuff for them. And one more thing, the shoppers can narrow the results from the search engine by price!

I was interested on the toddler dresses. I thought Tisa would seem so beautiful wearing those dresses. I bought some for her. Shopping at ShopWiki was really fun!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Terafica Uno-Plus: Friendship Forever

In the year of 1989-1990 and 1990-1991 I was a senior high school student of SMA 3 Palembang, in the second and third grade. My class was Fisika I ( major in Physics I ).
Being together with my classmates I found my life was so excited. We studied, laughed, had fun, and sometimes had been punished by teacher because of our manner. Something precious to remember was our togetherness, we built our friendship.

My classmates were unique persons. They had their own characteristic completed with their peculiarities. At that time I believed that my friends would be successful persons, and they have proof it, now.

We named our class as “Terafica Uno”. It means “Terminal Anak Fisika Satu” or Terminal of Physics Students-One. Every year since 1991, after our graduation, we always have reunion. Maybe “reunion” is not the right word to express our yearly-meeting, but no matter what it is we are proud to keep our tradition to see each other every year after Eidul Fitri . I enjoyed every time I spent together with my Terafica Uno as a special time to share and maintain our friendship.

I am so proud of Terafica Uno, because we can maintain our friendship for years (17 years since 1991). Even now, when we live separately in the cities like Jakarta, Palembang, Bandung, Jayapura., Padang, Soroako, Semarang, etc, we still keep our friendship through milist. And one more thing, the member of Terafica milist has been added. Some of my friends from SMA 3 have joined us. We share our life, experiences, happiness, sadness, and anything for goodness. What a wonderful friendship we have!

Our last meeting was held on 3 October, 2008 at Vera Sari’s house in Palembang. Here is the photo.

Hopefully, our true friendship will last forever. Long life Terafica Uno-Plus!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Family Reunion on Eidul Fitri

Eidul Fitri is always a very special day for Muslim not only because of its meaning, but also it is the day when the whole family can be together, forgiving each other and sharing the happiness.

I enjoyed the moment when I could see the happy faces of my family, relatives and friends when we see each other. I visited my parent in law after shalat Eid, and then I went to my parent’s house at Jakabaring.

In this special day, I could meet all of my sisters, including Linda Oktarina, my fourth sister who lives in Jakarta. She came to Palembang to celebrate Eidul Fitri with the whole family.

Here are some photos I took on last Eidul Fitri. Hopefully I could share the happiness to all of the readers.

My father and I

My Relatives

The Five Siblings

My Mother and My Cousin

Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nouveau Riche: Success Story of Jackie Chan

Reading success stories of people who are Nouveau Riche (French for New Rich or a person who has acquired considerable wealth within his or her generation) can make our spirits up. The struggle they did from zero to be hero is something precious to be followed.

Jackie Chan was a son of a very poor couple which almost adopt him out for US$26 to an English doctor because his parents couldn’t feed little Jackie anymore. When he was 7 the evening years old, he worked at The Academy of Chinese Opera, which was known by its discipline. For more than 10 years, everyday from the early morning until the evening he should join a training which was so tough. He practiced Kung Fu, stunts, flips and somersaults and help with cleaning and washing up.He would be punished brutally if he made a mistake.

He started his career as a stuntman. When Bruce Lee died, he decided to replace him but he couldn’t. “It’s hard to be a fake Bruce Lee. It is better to be myself “ He said.

He was a very brave person. His determination to become a Nouveau Riche leads him to keep going on and on until finally his film “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow” was well received by the audiences. Jackie became famous when the film went a different way than other kung fu movies at that time by mixing a big amount of humor to the plot.

In the mid 90’s ,Films like “Rumble in the Bronx” and “ Mr. Nice Guy”are both produced in the Jackie Chan style. The film Rush Hour in 1999 aroused great attention from the America media and finally made Jackie the first Hong Kong star to successfully break into Hollywood.

Now, the difficulties and hardships he found in the past have been paid off. He has become a Nouveau Riche.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Eidul Fitri

The blessed and peaceful month of Ramadhan which is full of mercy will be gone on 30 September. Muslims all over the world have been learning to be more patient, able to control appetite and wicked desire and closer to Allah SWT, the Almighty God.

The month long fasting Ramadhan culminates into the festival of Eidul Fitri or festival of fast breaking. It is a festival of joy, family reunion and thanksgiving to Allah SWT. The giving of a special charity for this occasion is obligatory. This is known as Zakat fitrah and Zakat mal.

In our region, Eidul Fitri begins with prayer at the masjid followed by visits to homes of parents, relatives and friends. We forgive each other for the mistakes we’ve ever done before.

For all the Muslims bloggers, I would like to say:

Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin.

Please forgive me

for all the mistakes I’ve ever done.

Happy Eidul Fitri 1 Syawal 1429 H.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Masjid Muhammad Cheng Ho

There’s a new mosque near my parent’s house at Jakabaring, Palembang. It’s called masjid Muhammad Cheng Ho or masjid Cheng Ho. It’s located in Jakabaring area, ± 3 km from the down town of Palembang.

The fund to build this mosque came from Chinese Moslem community in Palembang. The Chinese Moslem community unionized Pembina Iman Tauhid Indonesia (PITI) which has 4.000 members in South Sumatera.

The mosque size is 25 x 25 m. It was built on 4990 m2 area. The shape of masjid Cheng Ho is influenced by China architecture. The red color dominates its wall. The shape of its minarets looks the same as that of pagoda.

“Cheng Ho” is taken from the name of an admiral from Chinese Kingdom on 15th century. Cheng Ho was a brave Moslem admiral who had sailed the ocean to spread Islam and destroyed the buccaneer at Malaka straits.

Is Nouveau Riche a Scam?

Being rich and successful in life is the purpose of many people. There are many ways to reach prosperity, but one should choose the best way. One of the ways which is worth trying is real estate business and investing. When I read testimonies of alumni students of Nouveau Riche University about their success, my spirit is up. It‘s amazing. It seems that there are so many benefits to become a student of Nouveau Riche University.

Nouveau Riche University is a real estate investment school. The subjects are various from introductory real estate investing, short sales, wholesaling, business financial management, to advanced techniques of creative financing. The students will get great opportunity to get educated in real estate investing.

If you found the articles about Nouveau Riche Scam, it’s better for you to read Nouveaurized’s new blog that featuring many of success stories from alumni students of Nouveau Riche University which proof that Nouveau Riche is not a scam.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Furniture Store with Stunning Choices

Choosing furniture for houses and apartments can be exhilarating experience. Furniture order our lives by giving structure to our space, holding our possession, and expressing our taste. That's why the chosen furniture shows the owner's character.

I tried to select what kind of furniture that suitable for my house. Browsing the internet, I found which has a wide range of furniture such as modern,contemporary and Italian furniture. I saw its furniture as the combination of an interest in issue of functionality with an expressive unique design that presented as functional solutions to human needs.

The furniture engages the viewer or user not only visually and intellectually but also physically. The beauty of contemporary furniture was found in its usefulness and construction. Simplicity of design was valued more than gaudy overindulgence and ostentatious. The same thing can be said for its modern furniture which are sleek and simple equal stylish and sophisticated.The Italian furniture are also stunning. Created by fabulous designer furniture, the whimsical sofas and beds all representing the best Italian furniture.Very interesting!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home (2): J-7 for Sale

We bought this house several months ago. It is located in the same block with my house, J-3. We called this house J-7.I love this house since the first time I saw it. Although we don’t live there, but sometimes my family spend time together there. There’s a karaoke set on the living room. My husband and I sometimes sing there. Once in a while we invite our friends to sing together.

Sometimes when my husband and I want to be together, only the two of us without kid’s disturbances, we stay at J-7. I also spend time there with a beautician who came once in a week to get me cream bath, body massage and body treatment such as “luluran” (applying herbal cosmetic to all over the skin)

We use J-7 for our guests who stay in Palembang. Ety Riyanti, my friend from Jambi, stayed 4 days there when she visited me.

I love this house, but it seems that we have to sell it. My family will move to Jakarta or maybe to Bogor in the year of 2009. We need to sell it in order to get additional money to buy a new house in Jakarta. The houses in Jakarta are so expensive. Although the company provides the fund for housing, but we still need a lot more money to make it affordable.

Well, it’s hard for me to leave Palembang, my houses, my relatives, my friends and neighbors. But we don’t have any choices. Moving to Jakarta is a must.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jokes Ease the Bad Mood

Having bad mood? Why don’t you try to entertain yourself by reading something that are amusing and ridiculous? Jokes can ease your bad mood, really. has a wide collection of jokes in various categories such as Blonde jokes, Kids jokes, Political jokes, Celebrity jokes and many more. It also has categories from A to Z. offers some of the listed categories which are unusual like Self Evaluation, Fuzzy Language, Rules for Women, Sign of Insanity and other strange kinds of jokes.

So, don't let the bad mood bothers you. Let’s enjoy jokes!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Masjid Agung: The Greatest Mosque in Palembang

Photo by Sutedja Saputra

On Sunday, September 7, 2008 my husband and I attended manasik haji or training for hajj pilgrimage. This time was a little bit special because it was held at the greatest and historical mosque in Palembang, Masjid Agung.

Masjid Agung is located on the North side of Ampera Bridge, down Jl. Jendral Sudirman. This grand mosque was built in 1738 by Sultan Muhammad Badaruddin I Jaya Wikrama (resigned 1724-1757) and has recently been restored.

Here are some other pictures of Masjid Agung, one of the landmarks of Palembang:

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Monday, September 15, 2008

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Friday, September 12, 2008

A Guru?

You Are the Guru
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I play the role of Guru? Ha..ha.. I don't know what to say...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What Your Pink Umbrella Says About You
When faced with adversity, you respond with compassion.
Even if someone is making life difficult for you, you can't help but see things from their perspective.

You are emotionally in tune, and you are very sensitive to those around you.
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On a rainy day: you should offer to help someone who needs you

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Payday Loans to Solve Unforeseen Cost

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Regina was startled. The first thing she thought was how she could get extra money to fix it. It should be repaired immediately but she didn’t have enough money. She thought she should get a loan. But something bothered her was how she could get a loan within a day.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Get Enough Sleep for Your Health

Sleep is a natural state of bodily rest. Children need a greater amount of sleep per day than adults to develop and function properly. A recent survey found that more people are sleeping less than six hours a night, and sleep difficulties visit 75% of us at least a few nights per week. A short-lived bout of insomnia is nothing to worry about. But one should be aware when the chronic sleep loss occurs because it can contribute the heath problems such as weight gain, high blood pressure, and a decrease in immune system’s power, reports the Harvard Women’s Health Watch.

Here are the six reasons why one should get enough sleep:
  1. Sleep is good for learning and memory.

Sleep helps the brain commit new information to memory through a process called consolidation. In studies, people who’d slept after learning a task did better on the test.

  1. Sleep is good for metabolism and weight.

Chronic sleep deprivation may cause weight gain by affecting the way our bodies process and store carbohydrates, and by altering levels of hormones that affect our appetite.

  1. Sleep affects our mood.

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  1. Sleep for safety.

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Sleep deprivation alters immune function, including the activity of the body’s killer cell.

By the way, I like to watch my kids sleeping. They seemed so peaceful in their own sleeping styles. If they get enough sleep they will spend the day cheerfully. Let’s get enough sleep!

Personal Loans: A Good Solution for Financial Matters

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Piece of Note from My Diary ( 2 )

Sunday, April 13,2008

Today is the first day of Manasik Haji. I can’t describe exactly what I feel, but it is a mix of excitement, anxiety, enthusiasm, curiosity, fear, and happiness. I feel that I don’t deserve to be the guest of Allah Swt, because I have done so many sins. In the other hand, I have been waiting for a long time to do this, I can’t hold my tears from falling down every time I heard “ Talbiyah” : “ Labbaikallaahumma labbaik,labbaika laa syariika laka labbaik….”

Even when I write this note, I am crying.

Naik Haji (Hajj pilgrimage) is one of my priorities in life. Actually, I have been willing to do it since I was younger, when I was still working. When I realized that my saving was enough to cover ONH (cost required for hajj pilgrimage) in the year of 1997, I said to myself that if I couldn’t find someone to be my husband, I would do hajj pilgrimage. But then I found Sutedja Eddy Saputra, and we got married in 1998.

My desire was raised again when my second daughter was two years old, but then I got pregnant. So I kept my desire, until finally I could convince my husband to register as the intended hajj in the year of 2007 . But we should wait again, because we did not get the turn on 2007.

Today, we go to Masjid Al Aqobah I, where the manasik haji is held. We have choose KBIH Nurindayu. There are many intended hajj there. We follow the agenda, and also do the instruction to practice Thawaf and Sa’i. I hope everything will be ok.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Home Sweet Home (1)

The place where my heart finds peace and happiness and also where I can share my life with my husband and kids is home.

I and my husband bought this house in 2001. We renovated it in 2002. We call this house “ J-3” because it is located on the block J number 3. We love this house. What make me sad is our plan to move to Jakarta in 2009. It means that we have to leave this house for long time.

Front View and Living Room

Main Bed room

Family Room and Dining Room

My husband has just resigned from his former job and move to other company. The new company asks him to take the whole family to stay in Jakarta. We plan to move to Jakarta on January or July 2009. We must buy a house in Jakarta, or other places around Jakarta such as Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, or Bekasi.

Until now, we don’t have any idea what we will do with this house. Should it be rent? or should we ask a maid to take care of it? We haven’t decided. But one thing for sure is we don’t want to sell this house. No way. This is the first house we bought, and it has kept a lot of sweet memories of our family.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Baby Necessities for Miranda

My friend Elisa sent me sms. It was good news, she got a baby girl! She was so happy after seven years waiting. Six year ago she was infected by Toxoplasmosis. She lost her 4 babies before finally she could deliver a healthy baby. She named her baby "Miranda Arabella". She’s a miracle.

I planned to give the beloved baby something special. When I browsed internet to find a special gift, I found There were so many choices of baby and toddler necessities there. There were infant travel products such as car seats, strollers, bags and carriers; infant feeding supplies such as high chairs, feeding spoons, bibs, breast pump sets, bottle feedings, and nursing pillows. I enjoyed seeing another options such as baby clothing. There were one piece outfits, shirts, sweaters, jackets, coats, gowns, shoes, socks, hats, and even charcoal suit! Finally I chose sweater and shoes. Hopefully she will like them.

One thing that made this site awesome was its buying guide. So, the shoppers would be easy to decide the stuff which appropriate for their needs. Another interesting thing was the shoppers can narrow the search result by changing the range of prices. Shopping at ShopWiki is fun!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

To all the moslem bloggers, I 'd like to say:

"Let us welcome Ramadhan with clearest mind, purest heart, sweetest smile, greatest happiness. May ALLAH gives love, light n forgiveness. Happy Fasting...!"

My New Nephew's Aqiqah

My brother in law (the oldest brother of my husband) and his wife were very happy. They got a cute and handsome baby boy. Their third boy was born on 21 June 2008 through Caesar operation. His name is Muhammad Fathan Farzad Habibi ( Abi )

To show gratitude and joy to God for this gift, blessing and great occasion, Abi’s parent held Aqiqah on 17 August 2008. Two sheep or goats were slaughtered. The meat were cooked and then shared to the needy people

In the evening, the family invited friends, neighbors and relatives to pray together for Abi’s goodness.

Aqiqah is defined as the animals that are slaughtered on the occasion when the hair of a new born baby is shaved. On that day, the baby is given a name. The animal’s meat shared amongst poor people, friends, neighbors and relatives. The weight of the baby’s hair should be translated to the weight in gold and the value be donated to the poor.

The performance of Aqiqah in Islam is Sunnah Muakkadah (highly encouraged). It is to performed by the parents or guardians of child.

Aqiqah is also an occasion to pronounce the birth that has taken place in a family. This is to inform about the new member of the family. Besides that, Aqiqah also promotes the acts of benevolent, kinship and friendship by giving meat to needy people, friends, relatives and neighbors.

I ‘m so happy to get a new-handsome nephew. Look at him! He is so cute, isn’t he?

Abi, my new nephew

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Celebrating Independence Day

17 August was a historical day for people of Indonesia. This year Indonesia had been 63 years free from colonialism since the declaration of independence on 17 August 1945. People of Indonesia celebrated the Independence Day with various ways.

Anin, and Dea were so excited. They had been waiting to join the fun game such as eating krupuk, run with gunny sack, etc. They asked me to accompany her to the field nearby, where my neighbors gathered around to celebrate Independence Day. Rafif followed us. He was enthusiastic although he didn’t understand what was going on.

Anin and Dea joined the eating krupuk game. The participants should eat the hanged krupuk as fast as they could, without touching it. The one who could finish eating krupuk faster than the others would be the winner.

Anin could finish it faster, but Dea did not. She found it's difficult to bite krupuk, even to reach it by her mouth.

Then Rafif came, he knew that his sister needed help. So look at what this little fat-cute-boy had done! Ha..ha..

The result was quite good. Look at Anin who was proud of becoming the second winner!

Last Sunday on 17 August, I and my husband went around Kenten-Palembang to take some pictures of the activities that people did on that happy day.

We went to Jl. Residen Abdul Rojak . In a field, there were many people watching the “ Panjat Pinang “ game. “ Panjat Pinang was one of the popular games on celebrating Independence Day. An oily beam of betel was set in the middle of the field. There were many things hanged on the top of the betel, so when someone could reach them, the things would be his. In this game, all the participants should cooperate, hand in hand to reach the top.

At Paramount, Dea’s school, the games and competitions were held on 19 August. Dea joined the run with gunny sack. At the first time she looked so excited, but after she fell down she lost her fighting spirit. She left the arena without finishing the game! Oh child!