Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nouveau Riche: Success Story of Jackie Chan

Reading success stories of people who are Nouveau Riche (French for New Rich or a person who has acquired considerable wealth within his or her generation) can make our spirits up. The struggle they did from zero to be hero is something precious to be followed.

Jackie Chan was a son of a very poor couple which almost adopt him out for US$26 to an English doctor because his parents couldn’t feed little Jackie anymore. When he was 7 the evening years old, he worked at The Academy of Chinese Opera, which was known by its discipline. For more than 10 years, everyday from the early morning until the evening he should join a training which was so tough. He practiced Kung Fu, stunts, flips and somersaults and help with cleaning and washing up.He would be punished brutally if he made a mistake.

He started his career as a stuntman. When Bruce Lee died, he decided to replace him but he couldn’t. “It’s hard to be a fake Bruce Lee. It is better to be myself “ He said.

He was a very brave person. His determination to become a Nouveau Riche leads him to keep going on and on until finally his film “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow” was well received by the audiences. Jackie became famous when the film went a different way than other kung fu movies at that time by mixing a big amount of humor to the plot.

In the mid 90’s ,Films like “Rumble in the Bronx” and “ Mr. Nice Guy”are both produced in the Jackie Chan style. The film Rush Hour in 1999 aroused great attention from the America media and finally made Jackie the first Hong Kong star to successfully break into Hollywood.

Now, the difficulties and hardships he found in the past have been paid off. He has become a Nouveau Riche.

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