Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rumah Air Restaurant

While jogging in the morning at my residential environment(Bogor Nirwana Residence, Bogor-Indonesia), I and my husband saw the area near the Aston hotel where many gazebos were built. At that time I wondered, what the place it would be. A few weeks later, I got the information from a friend that the place was called “Rumah Air”, a restaurant with the fish pond and playing ground for children.

On one occasion when my father-in-law from Palembang was visiting us at Bogor, we decided to have dinner at the “Rumah Air”.

When entering the area Rumah Air, I was fascinated with the comfortable atmosphere there, the sound of gurgling water flowing, and beautiful lights that seemed to form a painting in the night. The waiter who greeted us asked if we wanted to sit at restaurant’s room or to sit and eat at gazebo. Soon we chose to sit at gazebo. There were many beautiful gazebos-over-water. The size-of those gazebos were different. There were large gazebos and small gazebos. The large one was suitable for visitors who bring a lot of friends . For example, visitors who were having a reunion, or having an office event, etc.

Cold mountain wind blowing and hit us so we increasingly felt hungry.

After choosing a gazebo, we ordered food. Menus available were Indonesian cuisine, especially Sundanese cuisine. For example, nila (tilapia fish) soup served inside a coconut shell. Then there was fried and grilled gurame (carp fish), fried chicken and grilled chicken, ribs soup, assorted satay, sayur asam ( vegetables with sour spices) and many others.

That nigh
t we ordered white rice, tilapia soup served in coconut shell, grilled chicken, vegetables, and sayur asem. Beverages were hot tea, while children chose vanilla milk shake. From the menus, tilapia soup taste so good. Beside tilapia fish, the soup consist of unripe coconut. It was unique, because unripe coconut was usually added into beverage such as coconut ice or fruit ice. But the soup was not suitable for children, because there were also spicy chili on it. Roast chicken was pretty good. But the children like vanilla milk shake the most.

Two days later, because we were still curious, we went back to eat at this restaurant. This time we came in the late afternoon. We want to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the afternoon with a view of Mount Salak at this restaurant.

The atmosphere in the afternoon at Rumah Air was not less beautiful compared to the atmosphere of the night. Mount Salak was blue, the cool air, the scenery of Aston hotel which was located besides Rumah Air, gorgeous gazebos, gurgling water and fishes that sometimes jump in the pond under gazebos created a comfortable atmosphere. While waiting for the meal to be served, we took some pictures.

This time we ordered white rice, 3 servings maranggi satay (satay with sweet spice), chicken satay, fried carp fish, vegetables, sayur asam, hot orange, and vanilla milk shake.

For children's playground, there were water balls, water bikes, mini motorcycles, fishing areas, etc.. My kids had tried the water ball, but there was no time to try something else because of the rain drizzling down, so they must quickly took shelter in gazebo. For a comfortable lunch and dining atmosphere, Rumah Air could be a good option.