Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bed Rails and Other Home Safety Products at KidSafe

Last night, while sleeping, out of the blue I woke up because of Rafif’s crying. He fell down from his bed, and cried because he was shocked. Fortunately, he’s ok. I hug him then he stopped crying, but then I couldn’t sleep anymore, keeping him from falling again.

I thought I should do something to keep him safe. So I browsed internet, searching for home safety products. At KidSafe I found Bed Rails. The Bed Rails at KidSafe were made of a high quality furniture grade hardwood, with easy installation and can be used for children aged 18 months – 6 years old. It’s the best choice for Rafif.

There were home safety products such as child safety locks, electrical safety, furniture safety, kitchen safety and many others products that can make the home a safe place where children can play, learn and explore.

At KidSafe, I found not only the products, but also safety tips that were helpful as guidance to create safer homes for kids. The safety tips gave people knowledge to keep children away from being the victims of accidents at homes.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Spending Sunday Afternoon with My Family

The happiest moment in life is when I spend time together with my husband and kids. Last Sunday we decided to go to Palembang Trade Center Mall to buy some stuffs. The kids were excited because they could get what they wanted. Rafif got his favorite toy: Hot Wheel car. Anin bought some DVD of Barbie and Dea bought CD of Play Station.

Still busy with his cell phone..

Forget my diet program for a while, couldn't resist the temptation of chicken noodle, ha..ha..

Then, we hung out at our favorite café, to enjoy our favorite food: Chicken noodle.

Look at Rafif and Anin. The photos shows how a bowl of chicken noodle could raise their appetite. Ha..ha..


Monday, May 18, 2009

Is Your Life Boring?

I Live an Interesting Life

I may not live the most exciting life, but I'm actually pretty fascinating.

I keep busy and active. I try to enjoy life at every turn.

If I feel like things have gotten a bit boring lately, I may need to shake it up a bit.

Try visiting a new place, eating a new type of food, or listening to some new music.

Novelty makes for a more interesting life!

Is Your Life Boring? Find out Here

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Farrey’s :The Unique High Quality Products for Home

Thinking about our new house is an excitement. I always think about how to make our house more comfortable to live in. So, as usual, I browse the internet to find what I should do to our new house.

I just think to equip the house with the unique high quality product. What kind of product? This question is tangle in my mind until finally I find Farrey’s online store that sell many beautiful products for home.

The Ceiling Fans at Farrey’s are amazing. There are so many options such as Casablanca ceiling fans, Craftmade ceiling fans, Emerson ceiling fans, Hudson Valley lighting ceiling fans and many others. I think it’s smart to choose ceiling fan instead of air conditioner because the ceiling fan does not only reduce the heat but also can be a beautiful element of decoration. And one thing, it is safer for the world deal with the global warming issue.

Farrey’s offers not only ceiling fans but also a wide range of unique high quality products for home such as bathroom products and bathroom hardware, kitchen products, doorware, lighting and lamps, and ventilation and vent fan products.

Those beautiful products give me a lot of ideas to make my new house be more comfortable to live in.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Having Fun at Fun World

Last Sunday, after attending a wedding party, I took my kids to have fun at Fun World, Palembang Trade Center. My mother, my sister Rika and her kids, Dilla and Raihan also joined us.

Playing was really fun there, at least for the kids, that what I saw on their faces. Rafif and Raihan laughed and waved to me and Rika while they were sitting on the moving small- train.

Anin, Dea and Dilla enjoyed playing ship coaster. Then they tried fishing toys. Each of them got a necklace pen, but they were not satisfied. They tried another game to get more reward, such as crocodile punch, crazy crab, catching doll and many others. But, it seemed that they were unlucky, they only got few cards to be exchanged to a reward: a sticker. Oh…poor girls! ha..ha..

Raihan and Rafif took another action. They played at the Toddler Play Ground. They swam on the ball pond, climbed the stair, slide down and hopped happily.

Raihan and Rafif seemed so big among the kids who played there. Of course they were, because these kids had the same hobby : eating!. ha..ha...

After playing, the kids felt hungry. So, we went to our favorite café “French “downstairs, on the lower ground. We enjoyed chicken noodle and tea while chatting and sharing happiness and joy. I love hang out with family!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Swimming at Butterfly Swimming Pool

Swimming is really fun. That’s what my kids, Anin and Dea, think. They can’t hold themselves from plunging into swimming pool. This time, I saw on the newspaper that there was a new swimming pool at Grand Garden.

We went there. It’s located on the Grand Garden residence, Palembang. Actually, it’s the sport facility for the people who live at the residence but it’s opened also for public.

The atmosphere there was quite cozy. There were two swimming pools, one for kid and the other one for adult. On the floor of the pool, there was a blue butterfly pattern. It made the pool looked nice.

There were only a few people there. Some kids were being trained to swim on the big pool. Some other just played around the small pool. It’s not crowded just like any other swimming pool on the week end. So, the kids really enjoyed swimming and playing in the pool.

While watching the kids swimming, I and Wati, my sister-in-law, ordered food on the menu list. There were not many options, just fried rice, chicken porridge and noodle. But, we had to wait for almost two hours! (oh my God), to enjoy our meal. I didn’t know why they took so long to prepare our order. It seemed that they were not ready, since the place was newly opened.

I thought the management of this swimming pool should give a better service for the visitors, so they could attract more people to come to this place.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Having Dinner with Family

Wati, my sister in law celebrated her birthday last night. We went to our favorite food court at PUJASERA, Jl. Veteran Palembang. I, my husband, my kids, my father in law, my nephews and nieces, my brother in law and his wife and Wati enjoyed our dinner there.

There were wide ranges of food in the menu list such as many kinds of noodle, fried rice, sate, Palembang food, many kinds of soup and soto, oriental food, etc. But our favorite food was “konro bakar”. It’s a kind of steak with Indonesian spices, but it’s originally from Makassar.

Our favorite beverage was “ jus kacang hijau” or greenpeal juice served with coconut milk. We always order this food and beverage every time we visit this place.

Konro Bakar and Jus Kacang Hijau

We enjoyed our dinner and our togetherness. It’s something I’ll miss if I move to Bogor on next June…

Friday, May 1, 2009

Gold Made Easy for Gold Investment

It’s time to think about investment. Some people came to me and offered me some options. One of them told me that spending money to buy property such as house and land will be beneficial. Some other gave more options such as Stocks, Bounds, Mutual Funds, and Money Market Funds which sound too sophisticated to me.

I bought 600m2 lands. But then I had a bad experience when someone else claimed that the land was his. I was surprised how it could be. How the land could have two certificates with different version. Although finally I could get my money back, but I didn’t think buy land was a good investment.

Buying houses was a good choice, but I had to spend a lot of money to maintain the houses.

These experiences lead me to search for the best kind of investment, which can bring wealth, security and satisfaction. Finally I’ve decided to choose gold ownership. In the current investment world, with yields still running below the inflation rate and stocks and bounds still suspect, gold remains healthy and safe alternative for investment. Gold has been the standard currency which is accepted in almost anywhere in the world. Its value tends to rise continuously. Since 2001 gold has tripled in value.

Browsing the internet, I find Gold Made Easy, an Aurum Advisors website which is known as well and trusted gold brokerage house. It gives me much information about acquiring a gold and precious metal portfolio.

Gold Made Easy offers certified and bullion gold coins with many types and prices, such as The American Gold Buffalo, The American Gold Eagle, $20 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle MS 65, Australian Gold Nugget, and many more. Other precious metal such as platinum and silver are also available.

Gold Made Easy also offers portfolios such as personal security portfolios, family security portfolio, collector’s portfolio, precious metal acquisition portfolio, retirement portfolio and Aurum wealth portfolio.

So, think about investment is think about gold ownership and Gold Made Easy.