Friday, May 8, 2009

Swimming at Butterfly Swimming Pool

Swimming is really fun. That’s what my kids, Anin and Dea, think. They can’t hold themselves from plunging into swimming pool. This time, I saw on the newspaper that there was a new swimming pool at Grand Garden.

We went there. It’s located on the Grand Garden residence, Palembang. Actually, it’s the sport facility for the people who live at the residence but it’s opened also for public.

The atmosphere there was quite cozy. There were two swimming pools, one for kid and the other one for adult. On the floor of the pool, there was a blue butterfly pattern. It made the pool looked nice.

There were only a few people there. Some kids were being trained to swim on the big pool. Some other just played around the small pool. It’s not crowded just like any other swimming pool on the week end. So, the kids really enjoyed swimming and playing in the pool.

While watching the kids swimming, I and Wati, my sister-in-law, ordered food on the menu list. There were not many options, just fried rice, chicken porridge and noodle. But, we had to wait for almost two hours! (oh my God), to enjoy our meal. I didn’t know why they took so long to prepare our order. It seemed that they were not ready, since the place was newly opened.

I thought the management of this swimming pool should give a better service for the visitors, so they could attract more people to come to this place.


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