Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bed Rails and Other Home Safety Products at KidSafe

Last night, while sleeping, out of the blue I woke up because of Rafif’s crying. He fell down from his bed, and cried because he was shocked. Fortunately, he’s ok. I hug him then he stopped crying, but then I couldn’t sleep anymore, keeping him from falling again.

I thought I should do something to keep him safe. So I browsed internet, searching for home safety products. At KidSafe I found Bed Rails. The Bed Rails at KidSafe were made of a high quality furniture grade hardwood, with easy installation and can be used for children aged 18 months – 6 years old. It’s the best choice for Rafif.

There were home safety products such as child safety locks, electrical safety, furniture safety, kitchen safety and many others products that can make the home a safe place where children can play, learn and explore.

At KidSafe, I found not only the products, but also safety tips that were helpful as guidance to create safer homes for kids. The safety tips gave people knowledge to keep children away from being the victims of accidents at homes.

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