Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Home Loan Modification: A Big Help to Avoid Home from Foreclosure

One day Ben Johnson visited her friend, Sally Peterson. But, when he arrived at her home, she was so busy packaging her stuff. It seemed that Sally would move to other place. Sally was surprised of Ben’s coming, she told Ben that she had received a foreclosure notice, and she faced a big problem due to her monthly mortgage payment.

Ben was very sorry to hear what had happen to Sally. But then he told Sally a chance to get solution for her problem, it’s HomeLoanModification.

Home Loan Modification can help people who face the same problem as Sally. The professional consultant of Home Loan Modification will assist the lenders to modify the term of their mortgages so that the payments can be reduced. Besides that, the lenders can have the interest rates lowered, and other ways to stop foreclosure.

The step to get help is so simple. The lender should act as soon as possible before they get the final notice of foreclosure. Just filling out the form of Get Help Right Now at Home Loan Modification, and a big help will come.

Family Entertainment from Direct TV

Talking about home and family entertainment is talking about DirectTV. I can say that it is a good way to keep the kids stay at home instead of playing out side.

The kids really enjoy the family entertainment program of DirectTV with over 45 channels that suitable for all ages. Besides the educational program, there are also religious and entertainment program that is very interesting for the kids and the whole family.

Not only family entertainment program, Direct TV also offer other various packages such as Premier ultimate entertainment, Choice Extra for TV lover, Choice Basic entertainment, and many other with lower price starting at just $2999 per month.

Why Direct TV? With so many benefit such as the first costumer satisfaction of Direct TV Service, the best and most channels in HD, the most sport in HD, all 64 games with NCAA MEGAMARCH MADNESS, and many other benefit; DirectTV has proofed that it is one step ahead compared with Dish Network and Cable.

With digital Direct TV system, the customer can experience a stunning crystal-clear and 100% digital-quality view.

So, do you want to keep the family get together at home? Just order Direct TV.

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Morning Activity

Morning view looked from my balcony

Since 17 June, 2009 I and my family and also my two maids live in Bogor Nirwana Residence, Bogor. This is our first week becoming the citizen of Bogor. What an excited experience!

We enjoy new environment, new house, new atmosphere and also new daily activity. In the morning when the sun rise in the East, we can see the beautiful mounts Salak and Pangrango from our terrace and balconies. I felt just like starting a new life with a new spirit when I see the stunning view.

Today, my husband, Dea and I spent the morning by riding bike around our cluster, while Anin and Rafif still sleeping. After foresight-seeing we went to the club house. Dea and her father couldn’t deny the temptation of the beautiful swimming pool with the “blue” water; they swam happily until they got exhausted.

Dea also played at the children playground near the swimming pool. But then she felt hungry, so we went home to have breakfast.
I don’t know why I always feel hungry here, in Bogor. When I was in Palembang, breakfast was not a must, because I didn’t feel hungry. But now, it seems that I don’t want to miss my meal time, I want to eat and eat and eat… wow, any food taste delicious here in Bogor!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Preparing to Move to Bogor

On next Wednesday, I and my family will leave Palembang. I can’t exactly express my feeling, because it is a mixture of sadness, but also excitement.

I’m sad because I have to leave my parents, my parents in law, my sisters, my brothers and sisters-in-law, my nephews, my nieces, and the other kin and also my friends. I’m sad because I have to leave my houses, J-3 and J-7, especially J-3, my lovely home where so many sweet memories happened.

I’m excited because I will have another experience living in the new community in Bogor. I can decorate my new house, I can have new friends and neighbors, and something new makes me feel conscious.

My husband will arrive this evening. On the next day we will check the stuffs that should be brought and also supervise the packing of the stuffs. All the big stuffs such as piano, and motorcycles will be brought by cargo.

My sister –in law, Wati and her family will live at J-3. That’s something makes me relieve because I know Wati will maintain it carefully. But J-7 will be sold, since I have bought a house in Bogor, it’s too hard to maintain 3 houses.

Rafif enjoyed his last meeting with Miss Maria and Noel.

My kids also feel sad because they have to leave their friends and teachers. Rafif said good bye to his lovely teacher, Miss Maria on his English class yesterday. And Dea also enjoyed her last meeting with friends and her caring and kind teacher, Miss Irmah. But I don’t know how Anin feel about her last meeting with her friends and teacher. It seemed that she didn’t feel sad. Even she refused when I wanted to take the photo of her friends.

So, on next Wednesday 17 June 2009, I will say good bye to Palembang, my lovely city. And then, Bogor! I’m coming!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Business Loans for any Businessmen

Business Loans can be very helpful for any people who want to start a new business, and for any businessmen who want to expand their business. Nowadays, the procedure to get the loans is simple and easy.

First Amerigo Funding offer a wide range of loans to meet anyone needs. Through a simple and easy process which can close within two business days and with little documentation, Businessmen can get fund to add their capital, and expand their business. People can obtain personal loans, a smart way to borrow money for any personal purpose such as home improvement, vacation, educational expenses, debt consolidation, and any emergency needs. First Amerigo also put the customer satisfaction on the first priority by giving the same day decision, free consultation, great terms, secure and confidential.

How much people can obtain unsecured loans? Can they get a 20000? Or a 60000? First Amerigo Funding can approve unsecured loans for up to $ 100,000.00!! Interesting, isn’t it ?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What Primary Color Are You?

I'm Blue
I'm a philosophical and often inspired person. I'm the master of ideas.
I'm open to many points of view. I believe that it's important to communicate and not judge.

I have a worldly perspective, and
I'm always looking to broaden it.
I'm a true people person, but I also value my solitude and personal space.

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Swing Sets and Playground Equipment to Cheer the Children

When I visited Meta, one of my old friends, she was looking after her kids Reva and Rama at the playground at her backyard. Reva and Rama were playing glider and swingset. They were laughing exhilaratingly and really having fun.

Meta said that she was just bought those playground equipment and she was contented because the products were beautiful, strong, and also safe for kids.

I was interested to get more information about the products so Meta told me about swingset.com.

Soon, when I browsed, I visited this site. Meta was right, it was interesting! I found many products such as swing sets, slides,bike racks, daycare indoor, daycare outdoor, glides, tire swings and many more.

The most important thing is that swingset.com provided the equipments which were no arsenic, no chromium wood, so they were safe for children.