Thursday, November 6, 2008

Going to Madinah and Mekkah for Hajj Pilgrimage

Today, my husband and I will stay in Hajj dormitory ( Asrama Haji )for a while, waiting for the time to leave Palembang to King Abdul Azis airport at Jeddah on 7 November 2008. We will go to Madinah from Jeddah by bus.

This is the first step for us to do Hajj pilgrimage, something I’ve been waiting for years ago. I can’t exactly express my feeling but I feel excited, anxious, touched, nervous, a little bit sad, and happy.

I’m sad because I have to leave my kids for about 40 days. I know I shouldn’t worry because my parents and my parents in law will take care of them. The nanny and my maid will also look after my kids.

To all the bloggers and friends, we would like to apologize for all the mistakes we’ve ever done before. Hopefully, everything will run smoothly and we will be hajj mabrur.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Visiting Bogor (3)

Ice Cream at d’fla Cake Shop

On the way we went back to the hotel, Dea started to whimper. She wanted ice cream, and she wanted it so bad. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any ice cream counter along the way. When we arrived at the hotel, my husband asked me to take the kids to the coffee shop near by. He thought there would be any ice cream there. But when I got there, there’s no one there. The coffee shop was closed. Dea cried.

Suddenly, I remember there’s a cake shop at the hotel. I took the kids went back to the hotel.

The cake shop was quiet, but it was open. A girl smiled at me when I opened the door. I said “Do you have any ice cream? “. She was not sure.” Would you please waiting? I’ll check it. Please have a sit.”

I sat on the sofa. Then a woman came out from the kitchen. She was the owner of d'fla. She smiled friendly. “Hi. We have ice cream. It’s made of pure milk and I’m sure your kids will like it. I made it by myself.”

Dea and Anin looked happy; they ordered chocolate ice cream, while Rafif ordered strawberry and chocolate ice cream. I saw satisfaction on their faces when having those ice cream.

Btw, the taste of the ice cream was really good. That's way my kids ate all of them and they said later on they wanted it more.

Oh kids…. A cup of ice cream was enough to make them happy.