Sunday, October 26, 2008

Start Up Loans

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Visiting Bogor (2)

9 October 2008

Beautiful morning in Bogor, I looked trough the window. The morning sun conveyed its light from the East. My husband and my kids were still sleeping, while I couldn’t wait any longer to start the day in this lovely city.

Bogor City is a gate of West Java province, 60 Km from Jakarta, the capital of Republic of Indonesia. Bogor is on the main road from Jakarta to Bandung, over the Puncak pass.

Having 120 km away from Bandung, the capital of West Java province, it’s well known as a “rain city” because of its ± 3000 to 4000 mm rain fall quantity per year. It is very wet and nearly always rains even during dry season.

When the first time I arrived at this city, my eyes caught two interesting things. The first was factory outlets and shopping centre. I was afraid I couldn’t hold my shopping desire since I’m an impulsive buyer. And the second was the food. There were so many cafĂ©, restaurant, and even rounds man offering various and delicious food. I thought this could be a potential danger which threatens my diet program!

One more thing, the roads in Bogor looked so crowd with its public vans ( angkot /angkutan kota). So, this was why people called this city as “ the city of million public vans” ( Kota sejuta angkot). Ha..ha..

I asked my husband and kids to wake up and took a bath. Then we went around the city to find chicken porridge for our breakfast. Mmmm, yummy…. Each of us ate two bowls of chicken porridge!

Bogor Nirwana Residence

Finding a house to live in was our main agenda, so we went straight to the marketing office of Bogor Nirwana Residence. Entering the gate, I could see beautiful houses along the road. The marketing office, PT. Graha Andrasentra Propertindo, looked modern and stylist. My kids were playing around the fish pond while I and my husband talked to the marketing officers.

We planned to buy a land on Tirta Nirwana cluster which is sold by someone, and then build a house on it. My husband fell in love with the location, because it has a small artificial river. We imagined sitting on the gazebo near the river and relaxing, what a wonderful life!

But then we should burry the dream, because the owner said on the phone that he did not want to sell the land, although a few days before he decided to sell it to us! Oh God.

We returned to the marketing office and the officers offered us another options. It was on the Harmony-2 cluster. The cluster located 1.3 km away from Tirta Nirwana cluster. Finally, we could find a land which was wider than the land before. On the 343 m² area we planned to build a 120 m² wide house.

The house will be build right after the down payment and the transfer of property to the owner ( us ) will be held next year, or one year after the down payment. It means that the house will be finished on November 2009. Since we planned to move on July 2009, we still need to rent a house until our house is ready to live in.

My husband had signed the agreement and I was grateful the process was simple and easy. Next year, my family will be the denizen of Bogor!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Visiting Bogor (1)

On October 8-11, 2008 my husband and I took our children to Bogor. Searching for a house to live in was the main reason we went there. We had already searched in Bintaro, Serpong, and Bumi Serpong Damai, but we hadn’t made a decision.

I felt this time would be different. It felt like we would finally find the house and its environment fixed with our expectation.

We went to Bogor by car. My children were so happy. Although the trip took 14 hours from Palembang to Bogor, but Anin, Dea and Rafif enjoyed it.

We arrived at the hotel on 9:30 PM. Mr. Micky Mozes, my husband’s friend, had booked the hotel for us.

Terra Nostra Boutique Hotel

We stay at Terra Nostra Boutique Hotel. Offering modern facilities and services, Terra Nostra hotel is a cozy place for those who seeking for a quiet and peaceful location close to the city.

Situated right in the centre of Bogor, this hotel is located on Jl. Salak no. 8. It is a walk able distances from the shops, cafes, and entertainments and just a few steps away from The Bogor Botanical Garden and Bogor Palace.

I like its cozy room. The style of its room is modern minimalist. The room equipped with Air conditioning, bathtub and shower with hot and cold water, internet connection, telephone, refrigerator, television with in house and satellite channels, and minibar and coffee maker.

I think I will stay here if someday we visit Bogor again.

Beautiful Dresses for Tisa

My friend Eva sent me sms “Thank God, finally we can give Adam a sibling, a baby girl!” I was surprised and happy for her. When I called her, I could feel how happy she was; finally she could deliver a cute and healthy baby girl. Adam, her first boy told me that he chose a name for his sister. He named her Latisa Verina or Tisa.

I thought I should give Tisa something special. When I browsed the internet, I found ShopWiki. It is a site where the shopper can find anything for sale on the web.

I could find all baby and toddler stuff on this site, such as bags, car seats, strollers, clothes, activity sets, nursery furniture, books, toys and many other. The choices were complete.

Something special from this site was the products buying guides which help the shoppers to find the suitable baby and toddler stuff for them. And one more thing, the shoppers can narrow the results from the search engine by price!

I was interested on the toddler dresses. I thought Tisa would seem so beautiful wearing those dresses. I bought some for her. Shopping at ShopWiki was really fun!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Terafica Uno-Plus: Friendship Forever

In the year of 1989-1990 and 1990-1991 I was a senior high school student of SMA 3 Palembang, in the second and third grade. My class was Fisika I ( major in Physics I ).
Being together with my classmates I found my life was so excited. We studied, laughed, had fun, and sometimes had been punished by teacher because of our manner. Something precious to remember was our togetherness, we built our friendship.

My classmates were unique persons. They had their own characteristic completed with their peculiarities. At that time I believed that my friends would be successful persons, and they have proof it, now.

We named our class as “Terafica Uno”. It means “Terminal Anak Fisika Satu” or Terminal of Physics Students-One. Every year since 1991, after our graduation, we always have reunion. Maybe “reunion” is not the right word to express our yearly-meeting, but no matter what it is we are proud to keep our tradition to see each other every year after Eidul Fitri . I enjoyed every time I spent together with my Terafica Uno as a special time to share and maintain our friendship.

I am so proud of Terafica Uno, because we can maintain our friendship for years (17 years since 1991). Even now, when we live separately in the cities like Jakarta, Palembang, Bandung, Jayapura., Padang, Soroako, Semarang, etc, we still keep our friendship through milist. And one more thing, the member of Terafica milist has been added. Some of my friends from SMA 3 have joined us. We share our life, experiences, happiness, sadness, and anything for goodness. What a wonderful friendship we have!

Our last meeting was held on 3 October, 2008 at Vera Sari’s house in Palembang. Here is the photo.

Hopefully, our true friendship will last forever. Long life Terafica Uno-Plus!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Family Reunion on Eidul Fitri

Eidul Fitri is always a very special day for Muslim not only because of its meaning, but also it is the day when the whole family can be together, forgiving each other and sharing the happiness.

I enjoyed the moment when I could see the happy faces of my family, relatives and friends when we see each other. I visited my parent in law after shalat Eid, and then I went to my parent’s house at Jakabaring.

In this special day, I could meet all of my sisters, including Linda Oktarina, my fourth sister who lives in Jakarta. She came to Palembang to celebrate Eidul Fitri with the whole family.

Here are some photos I took on last Eidul Fitri. Hopefully I could share the happiness to all of the readers.

My father and I

My Relatives

The Five Siblings

My Mother and My Cousin

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Personal Loans : The Smart Step to Solve Financial Matter

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nouveau Riche: Success Story of Jackie Chan

Reading success stories of people who are Nouveau Riche (French for New Rich or a person who has acquired considerable wealth within his or her generation) can make our spirits up. The struggle they did from zero to be hero is something precious to be followed.

Jackie Chan was a son of a very poor couple which almost adopt him out for US$26 to an English doctor because his parents couldn’t feed little Jackie anymore. When he was 7 the evening years old, he worked at The Academy of Chinese Opera, which was known by its discipline. For more than 10 years, everyday from the early morning until the evening he should join a training which was so tough. He practiced Kung Fu, stunts, flips and somersaults and help with cleaning and washing up.He would be punished brutally if he made a mistake.

He started his career as a stuntman. When Bruce Lee died, he decided to replace him but he couldn’t. “It’s hard to be a fake Bruce Lee. It is better to be myself “ He said.

He was a very brave person. His determination to become a Nouveau Riche leads him to keep going on and on until finally his film “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow” was well received by the audiences. Jackie became famous when the film went a different way than other kung fu movies at that time by mixing a big amount of humor to the plot.

In the mid 90’s ,Films like “Rumble in the Bronx” and “ Mr. Nice Guy”are both produced in the Jackie Chan style. The film Rush Hour in 1999 aroused great attention from the America media and finally made Jackie the first Hong Kong star to successfully break into Hollywood.

Now, the difficulties and hardships he found in the past have been paid off. He has become a Nouveau Riche.