Sunday, August 31, 2008

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

To all the moslem bloggers, I 'd like to say:

"Let us welcome Ramadhan with clearest mind, purest heart, sweetest smile, greatest happiness. May ALLAH gives love, light n forgiveness. Happy Fasting...!"

My New Nephew's Aqiqah

My brother in law (the oldest brother of my husband) and his wife were very happy. They got a cute and handsome baby boy. Their third boy was born on 21 June 2008 through Caesar operation. His name is Muhammad Fathan Farzad Habibi ( Abi )

To show gratitude and joy to God for this gift, blessing and great occasion, Abi’s parent held Aqiqah on 17 August 2008. Two sheep or goats were slaughtered. The meat were cooked and then shared to the needy people

In the evening, the family invited friends, neighbors and relatives to pray together for Abi’s goodness.

Aqiqah is defined as the animals that are slaughtered on the occasion when the hair of a new born baby is shaved. On that day, the baby is given a name. The animal’s meat shared amongst poor people, friends, neighbors and relatives. The weight of the baby’s hair should be translated to the weight in gold and the value be donated to the poor.

The performance of Aqiqah in Islam is Sunnah Muakkadah (highly encouraged). It is to performed by the parents or guardians of child.

Aqiqah is also an occasion to pronounce the birth that has taken place in a family. This is to inform about the new member of the family. Besides that, Aqiqah also promotes the acts of benevolent, kinship and friendship by giving meat to needy people, friends, relatives and neighbors.

I ‘m so happy to get a new-handsome nephew. Look at him! He is so cute, isn’t he?

Abi, my new nephew

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Celebrating Independence Day

17 August was a historical day for people of Indonesia. This year Indonesia had been 63 years free from colonialism since the declaration of independence on 17 August 1945. People of Indonesia celebrated the Independence Day with various ways.

Anin, and Dea were so excited. They had been waiting to join the fun game such as eating krupuk, run with gunny sack, etc. They asked me to accompany her to the field nearby, where my neighbors gathered around to celebrate Independence Day. Rafif followed us. He was enthusiastic although he didn’t understand what was going on.

Anin and Dea joined the eating krupuk game. The participants should eat the hanged krupuk as fast as they could, without touching it. The one who could finish eating krupuk faster than the others would be the winner.

Anin could finish it faster, but Dea did not. She found it's difficult to bite krupuk, even to reach it by her mouth.

Then Rafif came, he knew that his sister needed help. So look at what this little fat-cute-boy had done! Ha..ha..

The result was quite good. Look at Anin who was proud of becoming the second winner!

Last Sunday on 17 August, I and my husband went around Kenten-Palembang to take some pictures of the activities that people did on that happy day.

We went to Jl. Residen Abdul Rojak . In a field, there were many people watching the “ Panjat Pinang “ game. “ Panjat Pinang was one of the popular games on celebrating Independence Day. An oily beam of betel was set in the middle of the field. There were many things hanged on the top of the betel, so when someone could reach them, the things would be his. In this game, all the participants should cooperate, hand in hand to reach the top.

At Paramount, Dea’s school, the games and competitions were held on 19 August. Dea joined the run with gunny sack. At the first time she looked so excited, but after she fell down she lost her fighting spirit. She left the arena without finishing the game! Oh child!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dilla and Indonesian Celebrities

Two weeks ago my little niece Dilla asked me to accompany her to an artist bazaar. Well, actually I was reluctant, but she said she needed me to take some pictures of her with those celebrities. I wonder why this little kid was so enthusiastic. “ Aunty, Someday I want to be a celebrity like them. Please go with me!….”

Oh, I hated this, but I didn’t have the heart to refuse. Finally I gave up. I took her there. These are the pictures. She forced me (again) to post the photos here in my blog. I don’t know what I should write; I don’t even know these artist’s names, ….

Monday, August 25, 2008

RankNoodle: A New Search Engine

It can’t be deny that the existence of search engine is very helpful for the internet users. All the information will be displayed right away after one click. A Search Engine is considered good when it can provide time efficiency for the users.

If you are searching for any information, pictures, videos, or other data,, a new experimental search engine can help you. It also provides top 100 searches displayed on the site, so the users just need to click on the title.

To find other information, you just need to type the keyword and then click Search. Then you just wait for seconds to see the results. Let’s search !

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thinkers and Feelers

I’ve been 10 years being a wife, and everyday of my life I learn something. I felt there’s a different way of thinking between me and my husband. Sometimes it could be the source of conflict but sometimes it enriches our relationship. I feel that maintaining our marriage is just like an art, art of thinking and feeling.

These are two lists that summarize some of the more significant differences between me and my husband’s ways of making decisions. He is a thinker, while I am a feeler. As you read through each list, you will probably see some statements in both lists that describe you.


v Decide with the head

v Decide by linear logic

v Concerned with truth and justice

v Need to understand emotions before they experience them

v More firm-minded

v Experience life as on-looker from outside a situation

v Take a long view

v Spontaneously find flaws and criticize

v Can speak the truth but not always in love

v Want to understand intimacy

v Can be a “romantic” yet not be romantic

v Natural at analyzing plans

v May have the gift of justice

v See things in black and white


* Decide with the heart

* Decide by personal convictions

* Concerned with relationship and harmony

* Need to experience emotions before they understand them

* More gentle-hearted

* Experience life as a participant, from inside a situation

* Take an immediate and personal view

* Spontaneously appreciate and praise

* Can have difficulty speaking the truth if it might hurt someone’s feeling

* Want to experience intimacy

* Love courtship and romance

* Natural at understanding people

* May have the gift of mercy

* See a lot of gray areas

Have you found that one list feels much more like “home base” for you?

Source:How to Bring Out the Best In your Spouse by H Norman Wright & Gary J Oliver, Ph.D

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seeing Old Friends

One day, I got sms from my friend, Ety Riyanty. I was so excited because finally I found her. I knew Ety since we were in junior high school. She was one of my best friends. We were also in the same senior high school, but in different class. The last time I met her was seventeen years ago, in 1991.

When we talked on the phone, she told me that she wanted to see me. She planned to stay in Palembang for several days. It was good news!

After waiting for two months, she came from Jambi on August 1, 2008. We were so happy, finally after 17 years we could meet again!

We shared so many things that happened while we were away. I asked her about her mother, Mrs. Arifah Thahar. She was my teacher in senior high school. Ety said that she was ok, but she had to undergo a healthy life, and a strict diet to keep her away from illness.

I have two houses, so Ety stayed in one of my house, the J-7. Actually I live at J-3, but then I took my 3 kids to stay at J-7, to accompany her.We spent time together, sharing about many things. Reminded all the sweet memories we had in the past. We sang again, like we did when we were junior-senior high school student. We had ever won many vocal group competitions and also dancing competitions. We had the same hobbies, and the same thought.

Ety Riyanty

We spent time at Thai café, and Pizza Hut. On the next day I took her to Riverside Restaurant. We had fun at the mall, shopping and chatting on Don Café. I took her wherever she wanted to go. It was really fun to see a best friend, someone who understood me. Many things we got from sharing our life’s experiences.

Ety was still alone, haven’t got married. She works at Astra Insurance as Manager’s Assistant. One thing I learnt from her was her positive attitude towards her problems. She’s always optimistic.

We met Helni Sus Neni on Sunday, August 3, 2008. Helni was my friend since we were in Primary grade 6. I was so happy to be there again, at the house of Helni’s parents. It was the place for us to study and sing together, years ago. I still remembered the smell of the grass and the soil in the yard, when the rain touched them. The smell was the same as that of years ago

Helni’s mother still remembered me. I was happy to see her again.

Helni has two kids, one boy and one daughter. The oldest boy is an autistic child. Helni told us how she was depressed at the first time she knew it. But then she woke up, she realized that her son’s future was in her hand. She became a strong and optimistic mother. She learnt many things about autisms, and also joined the mail-list of Parents of Autistic Child Community.

I was amazed. She looked so strong, so confident. Besides working at PT. Tanjung Enim Lestari, she also paid attention for her husband and kids. She never felt that her autistic son was her burden although she had to spend a lot of money to pay all the special treatment for her son. She should take him to get therapy at a special clinic for autistic child. She should arrange a strict diet program for her son. And more over she should have a wide range of patience inside her heart to take care of him. She’s really a great mother!

I, Helni & her daughter, and Ety

I realized that I was lucky to see these women, Ety and Helni. Seeing my old friends and spending time with them were something precious for me!

Monday, August 11, 2008

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