Saturday, August 9, 2008

Afif at the English Course

Afif is 3 year old and he needs to learn more. He needs to learn how to socialize with others. I think it is not a good idea to take him to Playgroup, not now. Actually, he joined the trial several months ago at Paramount School, but since he hit a little kid because the kid grabbed his toy; then he throw a book and unfortunately it landed on a mother’s head; he screamed some terrible words when he got angry (how embarrassing!) , I didn’t think he was ready to join the community. So, for me he did not pass the trial.

When I drove my car on the way home two months ago, I saw a banner about the English program for children 3 year to 6 year old. I was interested, and then I took Afif there.

It’s ILP (International Language Program), located on the corner of Patal-Pusri intersection, Palembang.

Afif join the program which call “3 to 6”. It’s a program to introduce English language by a suitable method for children. The children will learn English by singing, dancing, playing and other fun activities.

Afif enjoys learning there. He said 3 to 6 is his school. He studies there twice a week. He told me that he likes his teacher, Miss Maria, because she is nice, friendly and beautiful.

Afif and His favorite teacher, Miss Maria

I see there are some progresses of his English skill. He has already known some vocabulary of greeting, animals, and colors. Many thanks to Miss Maria!!

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IGW Team said...

You are smart woman which have a smart kid, keep on running Mam!