Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dilla and Indonesian Celebrities

Two weeks ago my little niece Dilla asked me to accompany her to an artist bazaar. Well, actually I was reluctant, but she said she needed me to take some pictures of her with those celebrities. I wonder why this little kid was so enthusiastic. “ Aunty, Someday I want to be a celebrity like them. Please go with me!….”

Oh, I hated this, but I didn’t have the heart to refuse. Finally I gave up. I took her there. These are the pictures. She forced me (again) to post the photos here in my blog. I don’t know what I should write; I don’t even know these artist’s names, ….


Tony said...

gile bikin ngiler liat ce cakep gitu hahaha

KC said...

He he.. My wishes to your Niece for becoming a "Celebrity" :p she sure has the Charm for it ! Anyway , wats an Artist bazaar ??