Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seeing Old Friends

One day, I got sms from my friend, Ety Riyanty. I was so excited because finally I found her. I knew Ety since we were in junior high school. She was one of my best friends. We were also in the same senior high school, but in different class. The last time I met her was seventeen years ago, in 1991.

When we talked on the phone, she told me that she wanted to see me. She planned to stay in Palembang for several days. It was good news!

After waiting for two months, she came from Jambi on August 1, 2008. We were so happy, finally after 17 years we could meet again!

We shared so many things that happened while we were away. I asked her about her mother, Mrs. Arifah Thahar. She was my teacher in senior high school. Ety said that she was ok, but she had to undergo a healthy life, and a strict diet to keep her away from illness.

I have two houses, so Ety stayed in one of my house, the J-7. Actually I live at J-3, but then I took my 3 kids to stay at J-7, to accompany her.We spent time together, sharing about many things. Reminded all the sweet memories we had in the past. We sang again, like we did when we were junior-senior high school student. We had ever won many vocal group competitions and also dancing competitions. We had the same hobbies, and the same thought.

Ety Riyanty

We spent time at Thai café, and Pizza Hut. On the next day I took her to Riverside Restaurant. We had fun at the mall, shopping and chatting on Don Café. I took her wherever she wanted to go. It was really fun to see a best friend, someone who understood me. Many things we got from sharing our life’s experiences.

Ety was still alone, haven’t got married. She works at Astra Insurance as Manager’s Assistant. One thing I learnt from her was her positive attitude towards her problems. She’s always optimistic.

We met Helni Sus Neni on Sunday, August 3, 2008. Helni was my friend since we were in Primary grade 6. I was so happy to be there again, at the house of Helni’s parents. It was the place for us to study and sing together, years ago. I still remembered the smell of the grass and the soil in the yard, when the rain touched them. The smell was the same as that of years ago

Helni’s mother still remembered me. I was happy to see her again.

Helni has two kids, one boy and one daughter. The oldest boy is an autistic child. Helni told us how she was depressed at the first time she knew it. But then she woke up, she realized that her son’s future was in her hand. She became a strong and optimistic mother. She learnt many things about autisms, and also joined the mail-list of Parents of Autistic Child Community.

I was amazed. She looked so strong, so confident. Besides working at PT. Tanjung Enim Lestari, she also paid attention for her husband and kids. She never felt that her autistic son was her burden although she had to spend a lot of money to pay all the special treatment for her son. She should take him to get therapy at a special clinic for autistic child. She should arrange a strict diet program for her son. And more over she should have a wide range of patience inside her heart to take care of him. She’s really a great mother!

I, Helni & her daughter, and Ety

I realized that I was lucky to see these women, Ety and Helni. Seeing my old friends and spending time with them were something precious for me!


gus said...

Diary about (sebentar...saya tak cari kamus yang berjudul dictionary- halah kan podho wae kamuas karo dictionary)reuni kan? intinya itu kan. horeee aku iso boso londo inggris....

gus said...

eits lupa...ternyata aku pertamaaaax, dapet doorprise lagi dunk

AiDiSan said...

meeting old friends after a long time is indeed an exciting feeling. i'm lucky that my highscool & collecge friends are just arond the corner so in case we decide to meet & bond, we're a text away.

anneV said...

hello. you are truly lucky to have these kinds of friends.

take care! and have a very nice day.

anneberly said...

isn't so sweet to see an old friend?.. happy for you juliana. thanks for sharing
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Xee said...

It's so nice to see old friends again!

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

azlan said...

I'm 3rd generation of Palembang in Malaysia. Just to seek latest info of Palembang commnities.

I missed to hear Palembang dialect, since my grandmother and grandfather passed away in 1977 and 1979 respectively. Further, my late father married to my mother (a Malay women), so the dialect was no longer use.

Boleh fahamlah bahaso palembang dikit2, wong kito galo.

Tony said...

seru bangeeeet nih acaranya :)

dani said...

Hello Mbak,
nice to see your blog and also your story. I've read all story that you had been submitted into your english blog. I just learn to make an english blog too and hope i can find out a nice niche like yours.