Sunday, August 31, 2008

My New Nephew's Aqiqah

My brother in law (the oldest brother of my husband) and his wife were very happy. They got a cute and handsome baby boy. Their third boy was born on 21 June 2008 through Caesar operation. His name is Muhammad Fathan Farzad Habibi ( Abi )

To show gratitude and joy to God for this gift, blessing and great occasion, Abi’s parent held Aqiqah on 17 August 2008. Two sheep or goats were slaughtered. The meat were cooked and then shared to the needy people

In the evening, the family invited friends, neighbors and relatives to pray together for Abi’s goodness.

Aqiqah is defined as the animals that are slaughtered on the occasion when the hair of a new born baby is shaved. On that day, the baby is given a name. The animal’s meat shared amongst poor people, friends, neighbors and relatives. The weight of the baby’s hair should be translated to the weight in gold and the value be donated to the poor.

The performance of Aqiqah in Islam is Sunnah Muakkadah (highly encouraged). It is to performed by the parents or guardians of child.

Aqiqah is also an occasion to pronounce the birth that has taken place in a family. This is to inform about the new member of the family. Besides that, Aqiqah also promotes the acts of benevolent, kinship and friendship by giving meat to needy people, friends, relatives and neighbors.

I ‘m so happy to get a new-handsome nephew. Look at him! He is so cute, isn’t he?

Abi, my new nephew


chamokayo said...

thanks for visiting my blog.
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ComInfo Technology said...

I hope he will be a pious and obedient child.

Nathalie Thompson said...

What wonderful tradition and yes, your new nephew is cute and handsom!

novnov said...

ihhh lucu nya....