Thursday, July 31, 2008

Having Fun at PTC Mall

July 27, 2008

I’m so glad my mother comes to my house. It’s been more than two weeks since our last meeting. She and my father live at Jakabaring which is quite far from my house. Well, actually the distance isn’t so far, but my busy daily activities have kept me away from seeing my parents often.

She comes with her maid by public transportation. She asks me to accompany her to Palembang Trade Center mall. Fortunately it’s Sunday, and I have leisure time. So we go there together with Anin and Dea.

There was a modeling competition for kids and teenagers there. One of my mother’s granddaughter (who also my niece), Dilla, joined the competition. So my mother wanted to watch her action there.

My Mother with Anin, Dea and Dilla

Dilla, or Fadilla Putri Pinka (8 year old) is the first daughter of Rika, my sister. Dilla has a high self confidence. She enjoys being a centre of attention. That’s why she’s really fond of joining competitions such as modeling, presenter, and singing contest. She had won many competitions such as the first winner of little presenter at PAL TV (a TV Station), the first winner of mother and daughter jingle contest, and many others. There are many trophies and awards at her home, and she still wants more and more.

Dilla in Action

I myself won’t let my kids become a model or something like that. No way. I don’t have the heart to see them walking on the stage with the mini clothes like those kids, it‘s just they only rely on their physical appearance, not their brain, or skill. But I will support if my kids want to be a singer, or a musician, or doctor, or engineer, or anything else.

After the competition was over, we went to the front yard of PTC mall. There was a promotion program there held by Sustagen Milk. Every kids can enjoy WOW ( Walking On Water ) game. The kids can walk, jump, and have fun in a big transparent ball which floated on water. Dilla and Anin joined it. They were so excited!

Walking On Water

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Saturday Activities

July 26, 2008

Saturday is holiday for Dea, but not for Anin. The morning came. Dea was so enthusiast. She woke up earlier and got ready with her swim suit. After taking Anin to school, I went home and there she was, standing in front of the garage, with her swimsuit and her new swim ring. “Come on, Mama! Take me to school! They said every Saturday I can swim from 8 to 10 am. There is a trainer; she will train me how to swim.” She started whimpering.

I drove to her school at 8 am. She sat at the back seat, couldn’t stand any longer. When we arrived there, it was quiet; I didn’t see other car and people. A young man approached me hurriedly. I asked him “Can I take my kid swim here?” He smiled then said,” I’m sorry Mam, the program will be start on the next Saturday."

Dea’s face was somber. I told her that I would take her swimming at the afternoon, with Anin and Rafif. I decided to go to the carwash, because my car was dirty and dusty. There was a long car queue. Since it was week end, many people had the same idea to wash their car that day. I couldn’t stop giggling to see Dea walking to and fro with her swim suit and swim ring at the carwash yard. She asked the carwash boy many times,” Is it my car’s turn? “; “Are you sure this is not my car’s turn?”; “Yes, finally. Would you clean it up quickly?” ; “Have you finished clean up my car?”;” What does take you so long? “ …..

Two hour later, the car was ready. I spent two hour waiting in the carwash; thank God I brought a book. “Sang Pemimpi” by Andrea Hirata. So, I didn’t waste time in vain. Dea was tired, she drunk two orange juice and three small bottle of Yakult. We went home.

In the afternoon, I took Anin, Dea, Rafif and Susan, the nanny, to swim at Buana Hijau Lestari (BHL). Here are some photos that show how happy they were!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Book Hunting and Dinner with Anin.

On the next day, July 25 2008, I went to Gramedia book store. I wanted to buy the Science lesson book for Anin. But I couldn’t found the book on the shelf with the sign “ Primary 4” there. When I asked the store keeper, she said they didn’t have it anymore. I bought a novel “ Edensor” written by Andrea Hirata, my favorite author, then went outside.

I felt disappoint, why it so hard to find a lesson book here, in Palembang, even in a huge store like Gramedia?

Next, I went to Kasmedia book store. The store was not as big as Gramedia. There were a lot of people there in queue. I had to join the line, because the storekeepers looked so busy, even to answer my question. After some minutes waiting, which felt so long for me, finally it was my turn. I asked the storekeeper,” Is there the Science book for primary 4, published by Grasindo?” She, a young girl with curly hair, looked at me but her facial expression seemed like she was out there, somewhere. No smile, no words, she just shook her head. Oh no, I wasted my time in the line just to see her shook her head.

I went out in hurry. It was almost 5 pm. I should picked Anin up from her English Course. When I arrived there, at ILP English Course, Anin was waiting for me with a cheerless expression on her face. “ What did take you so long?” She complained.

Anin told me that her friend Lita had bought the Science book at Palembang Square mall. So our next destination on this book hunting was PS mall.

It took about 45 minutes to get there. The traffic was crowded because it was the time when people went home from their offices. After a little “struggle” to find an empty space to park, we entered the mall and found the book store.

Again and again we couldn’t find the book. A storekeeper help me to check on the computer, but after I typed the title of the book, “ No stock” appeared on the screen.

Well, it’s futile. Then I bought (again) the other novel of Andrea Hirata, “Sang Pemimpi”. I had red his first novel “ Laskar Pelangi “, and I fell in love with the way he strung up words, and the smart of choosing words which were so funny and enjoyable. At least, I got something precious from this book hunting, although I didn’t get the main target.

“ Mom, I’m hungry.” Anin said. I looked at her pale face. She was tired and hungry. We went to the nearest café from where we were in the mall.

It was a cozy and unique café. The decoration were made from dried noodle, spaghetti, macaroni, etc. I ordered a bowl of Bakso ( meatball) and Anin ordered Tenderloin steak.

Unfortunately, the tastes of the food were not as good as the place. The tenderloin steak was too tough, needed a little struggle to cut it out. And the Bakso was worse, so plain.

Well, it seemed that we didn’t get good result today, but we still enjoy the time together. Mom and her first daughter, together, women bound. Ha..ha…

Monday, July 28, 2008

Going to the Mall with My Kids

Last Thursday, July 24 2008, Anin asked me to buy her some lesson books. So, after school hour, I took Dea and Anin to PTC (Palembang Trade Center). We went to Kharisma Book Store. We bought some books such as Math for primary 4, Exercise books of Science, Social and Bahasa Indonesia, and a novel of Agatha Cristie “The Listerdale Mystery”. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the Science book. I told Anin that I would buy it on the next day, at Gramedia Store.

After spending time there, Dea began to whimper. She asked me to buy a swim ring. I knew it’s hard to refuse, because this little stubborn child wouldn’t stop whimpering until she got what she wanted.

Then we went to Diamond Store. Dea and Anin were so excited choosing the suitable swim ring. Look at what Dea did. She wore the swim ring all the time in the mall!

Finally, we went to the Diamond Supermarket to buy milk and groceries. Once again I couldn’t stop giggling when I saw Dea’s action. She wore a plastic bag on her head along the shopping time there!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dea’s First Week of Becoming a Primary Student

In the middle of July 2008, Dea became a primary student. She was so excited because she had been bored spending time at Kindergarten. She chose to be the student of Paramount School. It’s a national plus school with good facilities located on Jl. MP Mangkunegara Kenten Palembang, not so far from our house.

The facilities are play ground, basket ball court, swimming pool, music room, computers, dinning hall, parking lot, canteen, waiting room, etc.

Swimming Pool


Dinning Hall

Basket Ball Court

Dea and her friends at the play ground

In the fourth day of school, her teacher, Miss Irmah asked me and my husband to talk to her in the meeting room. He said that Dea was unique, so she needed to know further about her character. I and my husband told her more about how to handle this little stubborn child. We enjoyed sharing our experiences. It was nice to know Miss Irmah, so I believed we could cooperate to give the best education for Dea.

Last Wednesday, Dea had a Physical Exercise lesson. She was so happy because it’s time to play on the swimming pool. When the time was up, she refused to get out of the pool. But finally when she saw all her friends leaved to pool, she followed them.

The lesson begins at 7.30 am and finish at 1.00 pm. There are twice break times, so the student can have their snack and lunch. There is catering service served by a mother of the student there, so I don’t have to be busy preparing the lunch for Dea.

I am happy to see the sweet smile on Dea’s face. I hope she will enjoy her time studying at school.

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Kids ( Part 3)

Muhammad Rafif Deka Saputra

Afif is the only boy and also the most amusing little kid I have. His behaviors often make me laugh. He was born on July 7th 2005, at Bintaro International Hospital, Tangerang.

He is smart, funny, brave, but a little bit temperamental. He is nice and easy to get friends. The most interesting character inside him is his positive attitude. When I asked him,” Afif, can you drive a car? “; Optimistically, he answered.” Sure, I can!” His bright eyes glittered. Next, when I asked him,” Afif, are you brave enough to sleep alone? “ He gave me a big smile then he said,” Of course, Mom.” He always gives positive answers.

He likes music, and dancing. His teacher at the English course said that he enjoyed learning by singing and dancing. It seems like he is smart at bodily kinesthetic.

His appetite is the problem. He really likes eating and so easy to feel hungry. He drinks milk about 10-12 times a day. He eats anytime he wants. His pediatrician told me that I have to arrange a diet program for him otherwise he will be overweight. Oh, God. It’s so hard to make him understand.

Hopefully I can be the best mother for my three kids. Someday I want to see them become useful and successful persons.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Kids ( Part 2)

Anandya Dewi Saputra

We call her Dea. She was born in Palembang, July 8th 2002, at Bunda Hospital. Since she was born until 2 years old, she got breastfeeding. That’s why; among my three kids she had closest relationship with me, her Mom. She can’t have sounded sleep at night without me by her side. She always hugs me, and touches my cheeks before she falls asleep.

She is intelligent. She likes game such as video game and Play station; the more challenging it is the more she will be excited. She is creative but also stubborn.

We often have argument, because when I ask her to do something, she is always ready with her requirement. For example, when I asked her to do her homework, she said that she would do that if I allowed her to play computer game after she finished doing her homework. Sometimes we have a fairly sticky negotiation when she gives a difficult requirement. It makes me so tired of holding my emotions. Ah…what a unique kid!

She has a problem of socializing. She is not easy to get new friend. But once she gets one, she will show her solidarity and faithfulness.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Kids ( Part 1)

Each day in my life, I am grateful for God’s blessing. Three kids have been coloring my daily life. One of my missions is to assist these three unique individuals to become successful persons. Everyday I keep learning to become a good mother for them.
Frinandya Dewi Saputra
She is my first daughter. We call her Anin. She was born on February 25th 2000 in Palembang. Now, she is a student of SD Pusri , grade 4 ( primary 4).
Like other parents, I and my husband had a high expectation that she could be an outstanding child. My husband forced her to join primary school when she was 5½ years old. He also gave her a strong upbringing.

The beauty inside her is her tender heart. She easily moves to sympathy and compassion, especially to the needy people.

We knew that there was something wrong with the way we treated her. We should change our method to educate her. When I red some books about self-development, I realized that she had a negative attitude.
From now on, I and my husband will give her more attention, more courage, and more efforts to motivate her to have a positive attitude. She is the biggest challenge for me right now.I know it will take time, but I am sure, someday she will be a strong and qualified person with a positive attitude inside her.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

10 Wise Words about Positive Attitude

“If you don’t have much going wrong in your life, then you don’t have much going on in your life.”
(Larry Winget)

“Without positive attitude, the best techniques in the world won’t have much impact.”

“There is little difference in people-but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.”
(Clement Stone)

“Optimistic people make a habit of explaining things to themselves in a positive way. Pessimistic people explain things to themselves in a negative way.”

“Losers visualize the penalties of failure. Winners visualize the rewards of success.”
(Dr. Rob Gilbert)

“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.”

“Optimists brighten up the room when they enter it. Pessimists brighten up the room when they leave it.”

“Life will always be too tough for the negative but very challenging for the positive.”

“The difference between success and failure is found in one’s attitude toward setbacks, handicaps, discouragement and other disappointing situations.”
(Dave Schwartz)

“Successful people choose to do the things that unsuccessful people try to avoid.”
(Darmadi Darmawangsa)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Birthdate Mean

Your Birthdate: July 9

You prefer be around others, both when working and while relaxing.
Generous and giving, you believe you can change the world one person at a time.
You're open minded and tolerant. People feel like they can tell you anything.

Your strength: Your go-with-the-flow flexibility

Your weakness: Your flair for the over dramatic

Your power color: Pine green

Your power symbol: Circle

Your power month: September

If you want to know what does your birthdate mean, Click in here

Maybe So, Maybe Not…

There once was a village that had among its people a very wise old man. The villagers trusted this man to provide them answers to their questions and concerns.

One day, a farmer from the village went to the wise man and said in a frantic tone, “Wise man, help me. A horrible thing has happened. My ox has died and I have no animal to help me plow my field! Isn’t this the worst thing that could have possibly happened?” The wise old man replied,” Maybe so, maybe not.”

The man hurried back to the village and reported to his neighbors that the wise man had gone mad. Surely this was the worst thing that could have happened. Why couldn’t he see this?

The next day, however, a strong young horse was seen near the man’s farm. Because the man had no ox to rely on, he had the idea to catch to replace his ox; and he did. How joyful the farmer was. Plowing the field had never been easier. He went back to the wise man to apologize,” You are right, wise man. Losing my ox wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened. It was a blessing in disguise! I never would have captured my new horse had that not happened. You must agree that this is the best thing that could have happened.” The wise man replied once again,” Maybe so, maybe not.” Not again, thought the farmer. Surely the wise man had gone mad now.

But, once again, the farmer did not know what was to happen. A few days later the farmer’s son was riding the horse and was thrown off. He broke his leg and would not be able to help with the crop. Oh no, thought the man. Now we will starve to death. Once again, the farmer went to the wise man. This time he said,” How did you know that capturing my horse was not a good thing? You were right again. My son is injured and won’t be able to help with the crop. This time I’m sure that this is the worst thing that could have possibly happened. You must agree this time.” But just as he had done before, the wise man calmly looked at the farmer and in a compassionate tone replied once again, “Maybe so, maybe not.” Enraged that the wise man could be so ignorant, the farmer stormed back to the village.

The next day troops arrived to take every able-bodied man to the war that had just broken out. The farmer’s son was the only young man in the village who didn’t have to go. He would live, while the others would surely die.

The moral of this story provides a powerful lesson. The truth is, we don’t know what’s going to happen; we just think we do. Often we make a big deal out of something. We blow up scenarios in our minds about all the terrible things that are going to happen. Most of the time we are wrong. If we keep our cool and stay open to possibilities, we can be reasonably certain that, eventually, all will be well. Remember, maybe so, maybe not.

Taken from “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… and it’s all small stuff” by Richard Carlson, PH.D.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Going Out for Dinner

Last night, my family spent time at Riverside Restaurant for having dinner. The restaurant is located on the side of Musi River, the biggest river on South Sumatera. My kids enjoyed the atmosphere there, the lamps, the blowing wind, but they didn’t like the food. I didn’t know why the taste of the food was not as good as the last time when I and my husband had dinner there, on June 28th, when we celebrated our wedding anniversary.

After having dinner, we spent time seeing the beautiful view on the river side. I let the kids having fun playing in the yard. But I couldn’t let them playing too long, because we should go home soon. I had to prepare uniforms and books for Anin and Dea, because the next day is their first day of school.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Life is an opportunity, benefit from it

Life is a beauty, admire it.

Life is a dream, realize it.

Life is a challenge, meet it.

Life is a duty, complete it.

Life is a game, play it.

Life is a promise, fulfill it.

Life is sorrow, overcome it.

Life is a song, sing it.

Life is a struggle, accept it.

Life is a tragedy, confront it.

Life is an adventure, dare it.

Life is luck, make it.

Life is too precious, do not destroy it.

Life is life, fight for it.

(Mother Teresa)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Tagged by KC

This is my very first time posting a tag!! Tagged by my friend from India, KC! Here it is:

3 facts about me:- (currently)

  • Celebrating my birthday 2 days ago.
  • Starting my diet programmed to reduce 3 kg of weight. (Oh God, It’s so hard :)
  • Starting the Training of Hajj Pilgrimage or Manasik Haji.

3 things that scare me:-

  • Losing the precious love of my family
  • Cockroach.
  • Getting fat.

3 songs playing in my mind:-

  • Dealova from Once
  • One Day in Your Life by Michael Jackson
  • Fly Me to the Moon

3 valuable things in my life:-

  • My God.
  • My family.
  • My blog.

3 'first times' in my life:-(recently)

  • Creating this blog.
  • Posting a tag.
  • Being insulted by a blogger three days ago (I don’t know why and It hurt me so)

3 words/things I always say/use:-

  • Ya Allah (= Oh God)
  • Alhamdulillah. (= Thank God)
  • He.. he..he..

3 friends that I wanna tag:-


Horee finish!

A Busy Day and Birthday Gifts

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

In the early morning I heard my cell phone rang. It was a SMS. I red it. It said :

“ Happy birthday, darling. May God gives you longevity, mercy, luck and affection. May you become a virtuous wife for me and a paragon for our kids. I love you so much”

It was from my husband. So sweet.

I looked at Rafif. He was sleeping, but there was something wrong. He breathed heavily. Oh God, his asthma relapsed. I took my cell phone and called his pediatrician. Unfortunately, she was in Surabaya. She suggested me to take him to the emergency unit at Charitas hospital to be nebulized.

I asked Susan, one of my maids to accompany me taking Rafif to the hospital. I drove fast, as fast as I could. Rafif kept quite , I heard only his heavy breath a long the way. When finally we arrived at the emergency unit, a security guard helped me to park the car, while I took Rafif in hurry to the emergency room.

A nurse welcomed me, and Rafif was lied down. When she put the nebulizer tool on him, he rebelled and cried. He got up and tried to escape. I hugged him, calmed him down, “No, honey. It won’t be hurt. “He hugged me, and then the nebulizer worked. He felt relief. I was so happy seeing him smiling again.

In the pharmacy when I was giving the prescription to the shopkeeper, my cell phone rang. It was Wati, my sister-in-law. She said that my father-in-law came to my house, and then he fainted. I was shocked to know that. My father-in-law promised me to come to my house. He wanted to help me taking one of my cars to the police quarter for paying the tax. I felt guilty and I was worry about him. After I paid the medicine, I told the shopkeeper that I would take it later. Then I drove fast once again, went home.

I found him lied down on the sofa. His face was pale. I wanted to take him to the hospital, but he said no. “Don’t worry. I’m fine. I just need time to take a rest for a while. I suffered from vertigo, but it’s ok. I will be fine soon. You should go now, pay the tax; otherwise you’ll have to pay for the fine, due to the deadline. Don’t worry about me.”

I made him a cup of hot tea. I said “Father, please don’t go home until I get here. I will take you to the hospital and home after I finish paying the tax. Please don’t drive by yourself. It’s not safe. Ok?” He nodded.

After asking my maids to take care of him, I went to the police quarter. It was in the intersection and the traffic light was red when my cell phone rang. It was SMS from my aunty. “ Dewi, happy birthday. May Allah always bless you. I red Nova tabloid yesterday, and I was surprised when your photo and your story was there. Congratulation!”

I’d just remembered several times ago I sent my personal experience of cooking my husband’s favorite food due to a promotion of soy sauce product. I didn’t know that I could be the weekly winner!

I bought the tabloid in the newspaper outlet nearby. Oh yes, it was me on the page 35. Ha..ha.. What a good news!

In the police quarter, everything runs smoothly. When it finished, it was 12:50 pm. I went home to see my father-in-law. But, he wasn’t there! My maid said that he went home after taking a medicine. I called him, thank God he was fine.

After praying Dzuhur, and had my lunch, I went back to the hospital to take Rafif’s medicine. I felt exhausted, but I should go. What a busy day!

My cell phone rang (again) in the way home. It was from my old friend, Dwi Parlina. She said she wanted to come to my house. I was enthusiastic because I miss her after long time no see. She lived in Padang for two years .Before she and her family move to Bandar Lampung, she spent four days in Palembang.

It was nice to see her again. She came with her kids. She was still beautiful although she had already had three sons. We shared stories of our life and also our past. It felt so good to talk to a lovely friend like her.

Her coming and becoming the weekly winner were the sweet birthday gifts for me….

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Celebrating Our Birthdays

July is one of our special months, because in this month Rafif , my youngest son, Dea, my second daughter and I were born. Rafif’s birthday is July 7th, Dea’s is July 8th, and my birthday is July 9th.

Today I bought a birthday cake, and celebrate our birthday at home. It was simple, no party, no guests; only me, my kids, one of my nieces, and my maids. I was a little bit sad because my husband is on the field. He will be at home on July 12th. He sent SMS on the early morning, to say happy birthday to Rafif and Dea.

These are some pictures taken by Anin, my first daughter. Take a look at the candles on the cake. Afif is 3 years old, Dea is 6 years old, and tomorrow, on July 9th, I will be 36 years old. What a match and unique number!

Muhammad Rafif Deka Saputra

Anandya Dewi Saputra

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wise Word for Self Development ( I )

Reading books about self development is one activity that I like to do recently. This is not only for my self but also for my first daughter. Since I knew she had a negative attitude, lack of self-confidence and motivation, I began to find the way to encourage her to be better.

This wise word, taken from “Fight Like a Tiger, Win like a Champion" by Darmadi Darmawangsa and Imam Munadhi, just like a mirror which shows me a part of my first daughter. Well, at least I knew her problems, and I hope I can encourage her, change her point of view to be the winner.


The Winner is always part of the answer.

The loser is always part of the problem.

The Winner says,” Let me do it for you.”

The Loser says,” That’s not my job.”

The Winner sees an answer for every problem;

The Loser sees a problem in every answer.

The Winner goes through a problem;

The Loser goes around a problem and never gets to it.

The Winner says,” It may be difficult, but it’s possible.”

The Loser says,” It may be possible, but it’s too difficult.”

The Winner thinks,” I am good, but not as good as I could be.”

The Loser thinks,” I am not as bad as some of others.”

The Winner makes commitment;

The Loser makes promises.

The Winner focuses the gain;

The Loser focuses the pain.

The Winner is like a thermostat;

The Loser is like a thermometer.

The Winner makes it happen;

The Loser let it happen.

Quiters never win; Winner never quit.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Chit Chat Corner and Library

I like English very much, so the desire to keep learning it leads me to find an English community. Actually it was not easy to find an English community in Palembang. One day, Evie, my neighbor, invited me to come to Chit Chat Corner & Library. I was so grateful I found this place.

Sponsored by “Yayasan Harapan Rakyat”, Chit Chat Corner and Library had been opened since October 2006. It is located on Jl. MP. Mangkunegara No. 100 Kenten Palembang. There are over 10,000 English books available there for all reading levels. There are story books for children, novels, literatures, science books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.

The Books

It is easy to become a member. Just fill out the form, pay only Rp. 10.000, - (about US$1), and that’s it. The member can borrow two books within two weeks, free of charge.

Something that I like very much in this place is its English atmosphere. People there converse in English, so they encourage the visitors to practice English. The most interesting thing is I can have a chat with some native speakers there every Friday from 4:00 pm until 08:00 pm. I can talk about anything, and also play some games to enrich my English vocabulary. Adding friends, especially the English users, practicing English and enriching my knowledge are some benefits I got since I became a member of Chit Chat Corner and Library.

Having a chat with the native speakers

Playing game

Many thanks to Yayasan Harapan Rakyat, which has provided free facilities to encourage people in Palembang on learning and practicing English, while education is getting unaffordable nowadays. I felt I had found an oasis in the middle of a vast sandy desert!