Thursday, July 3, 2008

Going Out With a Kin

Sometimes I feel bored of doing the routine activities as a housewife and a mother. Going out with friend or kin without the kids can be fun and amusing. That’s what I did today.

Actually my driver’s license should be extended, so I took my kids to my parent-in- law’s house and asked Wati, my sister-in-law, to accompany me to the police quarter. The process was simple and easy, it took only 20 minutes.

When it had already finished, we went to Palembang Indah Mall. It felt so good after long time I didn’t come there. The smell of donut and coffee arousing appetite when we arrived. There were many restaurants and café there but finally we chose “ Ketty Resto” because it was not crowded. We ordered kangkung hot plate, chicken katsu, rice, tofu ala Ketty Resto, ice tea and orange juice. They were quite good, especially the tofu.

While having lunch we talked about many things, sharing our daily occurrence and other nitty gritty of our kid’s problems. It was nice.

Wati, my sister-in-law

Then we spent time at Hypermart buying a gift for Wati’s relative who will get married on next Sunday. The bad thing was a long queue at the cashier. I decided to wait outside, in front of a batik counter. Soon my eyes caught one of batik blouse. I bought it. It was cheap! Wati also bought one. Yes, It was fun to go out without kids, once in a while…