Friday, July 4, 2008

Chit Chat Corner and Library

I like English very much, so the desire to keep learning it leads me to find an English community. Actually it was not easy to find an English community in Palembang. One day, Evie, my neighbor, invited me to come to Chit Chat Corner & Library. I was so grateful I found this place.

Sponsored by “Yayasan Harapan Rakyat”, Chit Chat Corner and Library had been opened since October 2006. It is located on Jl. MP. Mangkunegara No. 100 Kenten Palembang. There are over 10,000 English books available there for all reading levels. There are story books for children, novels, literatures, science books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.

The Books

It is easy to become a member. Just fill out the form, pay only Rp. 10.000, - (about US$1), and that’s it. The member can borrow two books within two weeks, free of charge.

Something that I like very much in this place is its English atmosphere. People there converse in English, so they encourage the visitors to practice English. The most interesting thing is I can have a chat with some native speakers there every Friday from 4:00 pm until 08:00 pm. I can talk about anything, and also play some games to enrich my English vocabulary. Adding friends, especially the English users, practicing English and enriching my knowledge are some benefits I got since I became a member of Chit Chat Corner and Library.

Having a chat with the native speakers

Playing game

Many thanks to Yayasan Harapan Rakyat, which has provided free facilities to encourage people in Palembang on learning and practicing English, while education is getting unaffordable nowadays. I felt I had found an oasis in the middle of a vast sandy desert!


Hendro said...

Chit Chat Library & Corner is one of my favorite place in Palembang. This library provides various kinds of good books. I also like the atmosphere of this library.

Last but not least... the librarians and the native speakers are very friendly.

Hello Mbak Minar... Hello Mr. Barry... It's been a long time not to visit the library. Thanks for your kindness.

Ackmali@ said...

hiii... stepping by.
nice blog and nice english :). nice to know you and your blog.

Free Download99 said...

Your English are really good. Wonder how i can be like that:) I have problem with the conversation because i'm a quiet person:p