Monday, July 14, 2008

Going Out for Dinner

Last night, my family spent time at Riverside Restaurant for having dinner. The restaurant is located on the side of Musi River, the biggest river on South Sumatera. My kids enjoyed the atmosphere there, the lamps, the blowing wind, but they didn’t like the food. I didn’t know why the taste of the food was not as good as the last time when I and my husband had dinner there, on June 28th, when we celebrated our wedding anniversary.

After having dinner, we spent time seeing the beautiful view on the river side. I let the kids having fun playing in the yard. But I couldn’t let them playing too long, because we should go home soon. I had to prepare uniforms and books for Anin and Dea, because the next day is their first day of school.


Au' said...

Makanan disana enak2 nggak mbak?
Oia, Nova nya sdh saya bnr2 baca :)

femmy said...

Hmmm yummi.. I promise will be going to there soon....