Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Kids ( Part 2)

Anandya Dewi Saputra

We call her Dea. She was born in Palembang, July 8th 2002, at Bunda Hospital. Since she was born until 2 years old, she got breastfeeding. That’s why; among my three kids she had closest relationship with me, her Mom. She can’t have sounded sleep at night without me by her side. She always hugs me, and touches my cheeks before she falls asleep.

She is intelligent. She likes game such as video game and Play station; the more challenging it is the more she will be excited. She is creative but also stubborn.

We often have argument, because when I ask her to do something, she is always ready with her requirement. For example, when I asked her to do her homework, she said that she would do that if I allowed her to play computer game after she finished doing her homework. Sometimes we have a fairly sticky negotiation when she gives a difficult requirement. It makes me so tired of holding my emotions. Ah…what a unique kid!

She has a problem of socializing. She is not easy to get new friend. But once she gets one, she will show her solidarity and faithfulness.

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