Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Book Hunting and Dinner with Anin.

On the next day, July 25 2008, I went to Gramedia book store. I wanted to buy the Science lesson book for Anin. But I couldn’t found the book on the shelf with the sign “ Primary 4” there. When I asked the store keeper, she said they didn’t have it anymore. I bought a novel “ Edensor” written by Andrea Hirata, my favorite author, then went outside.

I felt disappoint, why it so hard to find a lesson book here, in Palembang, even in a huge store like Gramedia?

Next, I went to Kasmedia book store. The store was not as big as Gramedia. There were a lot of people there in queue. I had to join the line, because the storekeepers looked so busy, even to answer my question. After some minutes waiting, which felt so long for me, finally it was my turn. I asked the storekeeper,” Is there the Science book for primary 4, published by Grasindo?” She, a young girl with curly hair, looked at me but her facial expression seemed like she was out there, somewhere. No smile, no words, she just shook her head. Oh no, I wasted my time in the line just to see her shook her head.

I went out in hurry. It was almost 5 pm. I should picked Anin up from her English Course. When I arrived there, at ILP English Course, Anin was waiting for me with a cheerless expression on her face. “ What did take you so long?” She complained.

Anin told me that her friend Lita had bought the Science book at Palembang Square mall. So our next destination on this book hunting was PS mall.

It took about 45 minutes to get there. The traffic was crowded because it was the time when people went home from their offices. After a little “struggle” to find an empty space to park, we entered the mall and found the book store.

Again and again we couldn’t find the book. A storekeeper help me to check on the computer, but after I typed the title of the book, “ No stock” appeared on the screen.

Well, it’s futile. Then I bought (again) the other novel of Andrea Hirata, “Sang Pemimpi”. I had red his first novel “ Laskar Pelangi “, and I fell in love with the way he strung up words, and the smart of choosing words which were so funny and enjoyable. At least, I got something precious from this book hunting, although I didn’t get the main target.

“ Mom, I’m hungry.” Anin said. I looked at her pale face. She was tired and hungry. We went to the nearest café from where we were in the mall.

It was a cozy and unique café. The decoration were made from dried noodle, spaghetti, macaroni, etc. I ordered a bowl of Bakso ( meatball) and Anin ordered Tenderloin steak.

Unfortunately, the tastes of the food were not as good as the place. The tenderloin steak was too tough, needed a little struggle to cut it out. And the Bakso was worse, so plain.

Well, it seemed that we didn’t get good result today, but we still enjoy the time together. Mom and her first daughter, together, women bound. Ha..ha…


Oeoes said...

wah asik abis berburu buku langsung makan, aku juga mau kalo diajak

idealpinkrose said...

i think your daughter was very happy to be with you going shopping and eating delicious food.

btw, thanks for visiting kimchiland!