Monday, July 28, 2008

Going to the Mall with My Kids

Last Thursday, July 24 2008, Anin asked me to buy her some lesson books. So, after school hour, I took Dea and Anin to PTC (Palembang Trade Center). We went to Kharisma Book Store. We bought some books such as Math for primary 4, Exercise books of Science, Social and Bahasa Indonesia, and a novel of Agatha Cristie “The Listerdale Mystery”. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the Science book. I told Anin that I would buy it on the next day, at Gramedia Store.

After spending time there, Dea began to whimper. She asked me to buy a swim ring. I knew it’s hard to refuse, because this little stubborn child wouldn’t stop whimpering until she got what she wanted.

Then we went to Diamond Store. Dea and Anin were so excited choosing the suitable swim ring. Look at what Dea did. She wore the swim ring all the time in the mall!

Finally, we went to the Diamond Supermarket to buy milk and groceries. Once again I couldn’t stop giggling when I saw Dea’s action. She wore a plastic bag on her head along the shopping time there!


Tony said...

wah seru nih pasti lagi senang2nya tuh kids nya dapat belanjaan banyak :)

Oeoes said...

duh senengnya bisa jalan-jalan ma anak-anak ke mall!!! keliatan di fotonya anak2e seneng banget