Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dea’s First Week of Becoming a Primary Student

In the middle of July 2008, Dea became a primary student. She was so excited because she had been bored spending time at Kindergarten. She chose to be the student of Paramount School. It’s a national plus school with good facilities located on Jl. MP Mangkunegara Kenten Palembang, not so far from our house.

The facilities are play ground, basket ball court, swimming pool, music room, computers, dinning hall, parking lot, canteen, waiting room, etc.

Swimming Pool


Dinning Hall

Basket Ball Court

Dea and her friends at the play ground

In the fourth day of school, her teacher, Miss Irmah asked me and my husband to talk to her in the meeting room. He said that Dea was unique, so she needed to know further about her character. I and my husband told her more about how to handle this little stubborn child. We enjoyed sharing our experiences. It was nice to know Miss Irmah, so I believed we could cooperate to give the best education for Dea.

Last Wednesday, Dea had a Physical Exercise lesson. She was so happy because it’s time to play on the swimming pool. When the time was up, she refused to get out of the pool. But finally when she saw all her friends leaved to pool, she followed them.

The lesson begins at 7.30 am and finish at 1.00 pm. There are twice break times, so the student can have their snack and lunch. There is catering service served by a mother of the student there, so I don’t have to be busy preparing the lunch for Dea.

I am happy to see the sweet smile on Dea’s face. I hope she will enjoy her time studying at school.

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