Thursday, July 31, 2008

Having Fun at PTC Mall

July 27, 2008

I’m so glad my mother comes to my house. It’s been more than two weeks since our last meeting. She and my father live at Jakabaring which is quite far from my house. Well, actually the distance isn’t so far, but my busy daily activities have kept me away from seeing my parents often.

She comes with her maid by public transportation. She asks me to accompany her to Palembang Trade Center mall. Fortunately it’s Sunday, and I have leisure time. So we go there together with Anin and Dea.

There was a modeling competition for kids and teenagers there. One of my mother’s granddaughter (who also my niece), Dilla, joined the competition. So my mother wanted to watch her action there.

My Mother with Anin, Dea and Dilla

Dilla, or Fadilla Putri Pinka (8 year old) is the first daughter of Rika, my sister. Dilla has a high self confidence. She enjoys being a centre of attention. That’s why she’s really fond of joining competitions such as modeling, presenter, and singing contest. She had won many competitions such as the first winner of little presenter at PAL TV (a TV Station), the first winner of mother and daughter jingle contest, and many others. There are many trophies and awards at her home, and she still wants more and more.

Dilla in Action

I myself won’t let my kids become a model or something like that. No way. I don’t have the heart to see them walking on the stage with the mini clothes like those kids, it‘s just they only rely on their physical appearance, not their brain, or skill. But I will support if my kids want to be a singer, or a musician, or doctor, or engineer, or anything else.

After the competition was over, we went to the front yard of PTC mall. There was a promotion program there held by Sustagen Milk. Every kids can enjoy WOW ( Walking On Water ) game. The kids can walk, jump, and have fun in a big transparent ball which floated on water. Dilla and Anin joined it. They were so excited!

Walking On Water


gus said...

kirain Juliana yang ikutan lomba di PTC....hehehe. Tiwas berharap traktiran kalo menangin lejuaraannya...(gajadi seneng deh...)

idealpinkrose said...

wow~ your sister's daughter has the potential to become a model or actress someday.

the kids are very cute.

thanks for visiting and linking kimchiland. i'm gonna link you up right away~ please check it out a few minutes later.

Tony said...

wuih anaknya cakep2 nih :)