Friday, July 25, 2008

My Kids ( Part 3)

Muhammad Rafif Deka Saputra

Afif is the only boy and also the most amusing little kid I have. His behaviors often make me laugh. He was born on July 7th 2005, at Bintaro International Hospital, Tangerang.

He is smart, funny, brave, but a little bit temperamental. He is nice and easy to get friends. The most interesting character inside him is his positive attitude. When I asked him,” Afif, can you drive a car? “; Optimistically, he answered.” Sure, I can!” His bright eyes glittered. Next, when I asked him,” Afif, are you brave enough to sleep alone? “ He gave me a big smile then he said,” Of course, Mom.” He always gives positive answers.

He likes music, and dancing. His teacher at the English course said that he enjoyed learning by singing and dancing. It seems like he is smart at bodily kinesthetic.

His appetite is the problem. He really likes eating and so easy to feel hungry. He drinks milk about 10-12 times a day. He eats anytime he wants. His pediatrician told me that I have to arrange a diet program for him otherwise he will be overweight. Oh, God. It’s so hard to make him understand.

Hopefully I can be the best mother for my three kids. Someday I want to see them become useful and successful persons.