Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Kids ( Part 1)

Each day in my life, I am grateful for God’s blessing. Three kids have been coloring my daily life. One of my missions is to assist these three unique individuals to become successful persons. Everyday I keep learning to become a good mother for them.
Frinandya Dewi Saputra
She is my first daughter. We call her Anin. She was born on February 25th 2000 in Palembang. Now, she is a student of SD Pusri , grade 4 ( primary 4).
Like other parents, I and my husband had a high expectation that she could be an outstanding child. My husband forced her to join primary school when she was 5½ years old. He also gave her a strong upbringing.

The beauty inside her is her tender heart. She easily moves to sympathy and compassion, especially to the needy people.

We knew that there was something wrong with the way we treated her. We should change our method to educate her. When I red some books about self-development, I realized that she had a negative attitude.
From now on, I and my husband will give her more attention, more courage, and more efforts to motivate her to have a positive attitude. She is the biggest challenge for me right now.I know it will take time, but I am sure, someday she will be a strong and qualified person with a positive attitude inside her.

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