Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Beautiful Dresses for Tisa

My friend Eva sent me sms “Thank God, finally we can give Adam a sibling, a baby girl!” I was surprised and happy for her. When I called her, I could feel how happy she was; finally she could deliver a cute and healthy baby girl. Adam, her first boy told me that he chose a name for his sister. He named her Latisa Verina or Tisa.

I thought I should give Tisa something special. When I browsed the internet, I found ShopWiki. It is a site where the shopper can find anything for sale on the web.

I could find all baby and toddler stuff on this site, such as bags, car seats, strollers, clothes, activity sets, nursery furniture, books, toys and many other. The choices were complete.

Something special from this site was the products buying guides which help the shoppers to find the suitable baby and toddler stuff for them. And one more thing, the shoppers can narrow the results from the search engine by price!

I was interested on the toddler dresses. I thought Tisa would seem so beautiful wearing those dresses. I bought some for her. Shopping at ShopWiki was really fun!