Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Having Dinner with Family

Wati, my sister in law celebrated her birthday last night. We went to our favorite food court at PUJASERA, Jl. Veteran Palembang. I, my husband, my kids, my father in law, my nephews and nieces, my brother in law and his wife and Wati enjoyed our dinner there.

There were wide ranges of food in the menu list such as many kinds of noodle, fried rice, sate, Palembang food, many kinds of soup and soto, oriental food, etc. But our favorite food was “konro bakar”. It’s a kind of steak with Indonesian spices, but it’s originally from Makassar.

Our favorite beverage was “ jus kacang hijau” or greenpeal juice served with coconut milk. We always order this food and beverage every time we visit this place.

Konro Bakar and Jus Kacang Hijau

We enjoyed our dinner and our togetherness. It’s something I’ll miss if I move to Bogor on next June…

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