Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home (2): J-7 for Sale

We bought this house several months ago. It is located in the same block with my house, J-3. We called this house J-7.I love this house since the first time I saw it. Although we don’t live there, but sometimes my family spend time together there. There’s a karaoke set on the living room. My husband and I sometimes sing there. Once in a while we invite our friends to sing together.

Sometimes when my husband and I want to be together, only the two of us without kid’s disturbances, we stay at J-7. I also spend time there with a beautician who came once in a week to get me cream bath, body massage and body treatment such as “luluran” (applying herbal cosmetic to all over the skin)

We use J-7 for our guests who stay in Palembang. Ety Riyanti, my friend from Jambi, stayed 4 days there when she visited me.

I love this house, but it seems that we have to sell it. My family will move to Jakarta or maybe to Bogor in the year of 2009. We need to sell it in order to get additional money to buy a new house in Jakarta. The houses in Jakarta are so expensive. Although the company provides the fund for housing, but we still need a lot more money to make it affordable.

Well, it’s hard for me to leave Palembang, my houses, my relatives, my friends and neighbors. But we don’t have any choices. Moving to Jakarta is a must.

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