Saturday, September 27, 2008

Masjid Muhammad Cheng Ho

There’s a new mosque near my parent’s house at Jakabaring, Palembang. It’s called masjid Muhammad Cheng Ho or masjid Cheng Ho. It’s located in Jakabaring area, ± 3 km from the down town of Palembang.

The fund to build this mosque came from Chinese Moslem community in Palembang. The Chinese Moslem community unionized Pembina Iman Tauhid Indonesia (PITI) which has 4.000 members in South Sumatera.

The mosque size is 25 x 25 m. It was built on 4990 m2 area. The shape of masjid Cheng Ho is influenced by China architecture. The red color dominates its wall. The shape of its minarets looks the same as that of pagoda.

“Cheng Ho” is taken from the name of an admiral from Chinese Kingdom on 15th century. Cheng Ho was a brave Moslem admiral who had sailed the ocean to spread Islam and destroyed the buccaneer at Malaka straits.


Jacklyn Craft said...

Hi Julianna. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you do get the chance to visit Canada some day.


SundaPost said...

this is such a nice a great mosque,.i hope if i can do prayer here someday,...

gus said...

aku pernah kok ke Cheng Ho...dapat ta'jilan gratis...hehehe..
btw mumpung belum lupa:
"Jika hati sejernih air,
jangan biarkan ia menjadi keruh
Jika hati seputih awan,
jangan biarkan ia menjelma mendung
Hanya karena Mba Juliana
tak lagi mau,memaafkan setiap kesalahan Saya

Minal 'aidin wal faidzin.."

Tey said...

I really want to see people praise during ramadan in person, I usually see it only in the movie and it is very interesting to learn the culture
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sufenaria said...

Assalamu'alaikum wr wb.

Mbak Juliana, aku belum pernah ke Masjid Cheng Ho ini, dan rencananya besok (Sabtu, 6 Des 2008) ada Acara Zikir Taubat bersama Ustadz Arifin Ilham ya? Tapi aku lupa jam berapa acara tersebut. Aku kepingin datang ke sana. Kalo Mbak Juliana tahu, tolong kasih tau aku ya. Terima Kasih. Wassalamu'alaikum wr wb