Thursday, March 5, 2009

Home Safety Products for Kid

It’s about my new house and also my kid’s safety. Since I heard the bad news from my neighbor that her kid, Lita (2 years old), had fallen from the stair at her house, I was worried. I was afraid the terrible things like that would happen to my kids.

Next June, we will move to our new house in Bogor. There are a stairs and two balconies there in my new house. That’s what makes me worry. Rafif, my youngest boy, is really active. He likes playing at the stairs and near the balcony. I couldn’t stop thinking about what to do to keep him safe until I found KidSafe.

KidSafe offers a satisfied solution to ease my anxiety. There are wide range home safety products to keep the kid and baby safe. The products such as baby stairway gates, deck shield, child safety locks, electrical safety, toilet lock, bed rails, and many more seem to be the solution to keep my kids safe at home.

It’s great, because as long as I know it’s difficult to find the home safety products on the ordinary retail stores and supermarket. The other interesting thing I got from KidSafe was the child safety tips to prevent the household accidents.

Now, there’s no more anxiety. Just like the motto of KidSafe “Safer homes for kids. Peace of mind for parents”

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