Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rafif Got Asthma Relapse

Last Sunday, Rafif got asthma relapse. The day before, he ate a bar of chocolate while he got cough. It was my mistake. I shouldn’t give him chocolate until he is fit. I didn’t have the heart seeing him breathed, seemed so hard. He refused any food I gave him. That was never happen if he’s healthy.

I called Doctor Aditiawati, the pediatrician. She didn’t answer the phone. Then I sent her sms. Several minutes later she replied, she said that she was in Jakarta.

Soon, I took Rafif to the Emergency Unit of Charitas Hospital. Susan, his nanny and Anin accompanied us. The nurse there helped him to get inhalation trough nebulizer. The doctor gave me prescription. Then we went to the drug store to get the medicine.

His condition wasn’t getting better although I had given him the medicine twice. That evening, I took him again to the Emergency Unit. He got inhalation again, and again. “Mama, I want to go home…” H e said. The doctor suggested me to continue to give him the medicine.

“Honey, if only I could substitute, let me bear the illness..” I cried in my heart.

Thank God, now he is getting better. I’m so happy to see him smile and laugh again.


wyd said...

oh god, my son and i have such same illness... but mine was the worst... ppl picked me up to ICU at one midnite...

chocolate may impact some patients... but most are influenced by dust, exhaustion, or a cold weather.
just prepare his medicine at home as the best way.

hope he's gonna be stronger

cheer_up said...

I'm really sorry for giving some chocolates to afif last night...
hopefully afif will be better soon.