Thursday, March 5, 2009

Having Fun at the Club House

Bogor, Monday, 23 February 2009

Anin and Dea asked their father to take them swimming. So, after having breakfast at Taman Kencana, we went to Bogor Nirwana Residence (BNR). It was sunny day, so from the entrance of BNR, the view of Salak and Pangrango mounts as the background of BNR looked so amazing. It was beautiful!

When we arrived at the club house near our new house, Anin and Dea ran towards the swimming pool. They did warming up and stretching at the pool side. I laughed when I saw Dea acted like an instructor and taught her sister how to do stretching. Then they plunged into the swimming pool joyously. Rafif was reluctant to swim. He was afraid of water. So he just played at the playground and ran excitedly around the club house.

I, my mom and my husband enjoyed the sight seeing and the fresh air. Near the swimming pool, there is an artificial river with its artificial water fall extend outward along the center of the cluster. The sound of water fall was enjoyable and soothed my mind.

When I went upstairs to the club house, the view looked more beautiful. My husband sat on the sofa and began to work with his laptop. He could finish some report of his job but then he yawned. The peaceful atmosphere made him sleepy.

After swimming, I helped Anin and Dea to take a bath. We went to our new house to clean it up. It was a beautiful day I’ll never forget. Hopefully we will be happy living in this beautiful place next June.

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