Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rafif’s Cooking Class

On Wednesday, 23 April 2009, Rafif and his classmates from 3 to 6 English Course had a cooking class. This was the first experience for Rafif, so he was enthusiastic. The cooking class was held at Bogasari Kitchen near the PTC mall.

The Chef, Mr. Suyanto from Bogasari welcomed the kids by giving them chocolate wafer. After giving explanation, the Chef and teachers assisted the kids to make mini pizza.

Rafif and his friends were excited when they put mushroom, beef, sausage, cheese and paprika on the mini pizza. They can choose the topping they want for their pizza. I laughed when I saw Rafif ate a piece of mushroom, but then he said,” Yuck! What is this? I don’t like this!”

When the pizzas were ready, they seemed so delicious. The kids ate them and brought some pizzas home. Rafif gave the pizzas to Anin, Dea, and his Nanny. He said “I made pizza by myself.” proudly…

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