Saturday, August 15, 2009

Go for Sightseeing at Bogor ( I )

The view along the path inside my cluster, Tirta Nirwana

Being in new town, I found many new experiences, new friends, new interesting places and those made my life more colorful.

One time, I and my husband went for sightseeing by riding motorbike. We just looking around Bogor, trying to be more familiar with the roads, finding places such as traditional markets, arcades, café’s , hospitals, paths, malls, salons, and other places. We plunged into the crowded and complicated traffic along the roads which were full of cars for public transportation. The crowded traffic was annoying, but we understood that we should habituate with this condition. We also went along some paths and sometimes feeling surprised to know that the end of the paths were some places we’ve already knew. But sometimes, we found that we were trapped to a new place we’ve never knew before. It was fun.

Bogor is cool. There are many big trees along the roads. And the place I love most is the environment around my house and cluster. In the morning at weekend, I enjoy the beautiful scenery along the path to the swimming pool.

And sometimes, when I drive my car home from the market and find beautiful view, I stop the car and take the picture.

The main road of Bogor Nirwana Residence

Nirwana Epicentrum, Bogor Nirwana Residence

Having Lunch at Resto "Mie Sehat" at Jl. Surya Kencana, Bogor

Here in Bogor, I find many interesting cuisine. Two days ago, some new friends asked me to go to Jl. Surya Kencana. It was one of many places that became food court for people in Bogor. There were various food being sold along the road such as oriental food like noodle, capcay, kwe tiau, ngo hiong, siomay; traditional food like toge goreng, ketoprak, gado-gado, asinan Bogor, soto kuning, lontong, bakso (meat ball), sate, kupat tahu, batagor, and many other.

On Jl. Surya Kencana, I could also find many stores that sold products such as clothes, organic vegetables, groceries, tools, accessories, anything.

"Mie Sehat" cafe, at Jl. Surya Kencana, Bogor

I was attracted to a café, where I saw “ Mie Sehat” (Healthy Noodle) written on the advertising board in front of the café. The maid welcomed us with her sweetest smile. She said that they made noodle mixed with organic vegetables such as spinach, and carrot. She said they cooked them with natural organic spices, no MSG, and other preservatives.

So, a bowl of spinach noodle with mushroom and a glass of orange juice with fruit sugar had become my lunch that day. The taste was good, and the price was not expensive although it was not also cheap. Someday I will take my kids there to enjoy the healthy noodle again.

Shopping at Pasar Bogor

On the next day, I went to Pasar Bogor, a semi traditional market. My friend showed me the way to the parking lot on the top of the building. The place was not really good; it was a little bit dirty and crowded. Downstairs, I found many stores selling various goods on grosser, so people buy those goods and resell them.

My friends bought many things for the kids as the gifts on our celebration of Independence Day. There were rulers, sharpeners, pencils, pens, binders, bags, frames, etc. The prices were cheap, much cheaper than those of at other stores.

I will write other interesting things around Bogor, next time.


Dilasari said...

I came across your blog and enjoyed reading your story about Bogor. I live in Jakarta and go to Bogor quite often. I would certainly visit Mie Sehat on my next trip to Bogor. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Bogor is a very nice city. So many malls and things to do.
When I was in Bogor I liked to go to the library on Jl Raya... they have English classes and story telling for children. 05 angkot to Bogor Baru, near the Indomaret.
Hope you enjoy Bogor!