Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Silly Love Stories (Part 1)

When I was a teenager, I believed in love at first sight. It sounded romantic just like the Hollywood stars in the movies, or graceful princess in the fairy tales. A beautiful woman with a perfect body was walking in the flower garden. Her long and straight hair hung down to her shoulder, shimmered like a pearl. The woman enjoyed the beautiful view from various colors of flowers. The delicate fragrance of Roses, Lavenders and Jasmines filled the air. She closed her almond-shaped eyes, took a deep breath to smell the scent of flowers so that she didn’t notice someone’s coming. They collided. She almost fell down, fortunately his strong arm held her from falling. Their eyes met for the very first time, and then their hearts began to thump rhythmically like the beat of classical music. She was amazed at how handsome the man was. He was tall, athletic and macho. His big and blue bright eyes glittered when he admired her beauty. Then it happened, they fell in love. During the next meeting, they became more intimate. They shared their life, walking hand in hand near the ocean shore on the soft-sandy- ground while the sun went down. Having candle light dinner, they danced under the moonlight with the rhythm of melodious music came from their hearts that beat as one and declared their feelings by saying “I love you “.Then in a white castle on the top of the green hill they were married and live happily ever after. . How romantic!

At that time, when I was amazed by the good-looking boy, I thought he was the one. He was handsome. His eyebrows were thick and he was pug-nosed. He had thin lips which always smiled at me. We were in the same senior high school. I was a new student in the first grade, while he was in the second grade. He looked at me with his glittering eyes, I smiled at him then he approached me, walking down slowly towards me with pronounced steps. He took my hand and shook it tightly. When he mentioned his name, I looked into his eyes where I could feel the warmth on them. We talked about the school, the teachers and other things. Soon after the first meeting he came to my house on the next Saturday night in order to know me better. Before he went back home, he took my hands and gazed at me, “Would you be my girl? “, whispered he. I was so happy, I felt like Princess Cinderella, or Aurora or Rapunzel who had found her soul mate prince charming. So far was so good. I thought I had found my love.

The following meeting was not as good as I expected. Our conversation was boring, he was just sitting there in front of me, kept silent, didn’t know what to say, so the situation was a far cry from being romantic as the love scene I saw on the movie. He often gaped when I talked about the latest news, or the music genre that was popular at that time, or any other things. From the gaze of his eyes, I knew that he didn’t understand at all, he didn’t get the point of my words. The day after that he came to me and asked to teach him mathematics and English. He had homework but he couldn’t do it. I wondered why he couldn’t answer such simple questions , which were too easy to solve even for the first grade student like me. On the next two hours I tried hard to explain how to solve the problems until finally I was blue in the face. It was futile, he couldn’t understand at all. I began to ask myself, “Is this love?” Why are my feelings for him gradually turned off? Is he the one I should share my life with forever? Can I live happily ever after with this stupid, handsome guy?” Not too long after that day I broke up with him.