Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Computer Jokes

Since I created a blog, I spent a lot of time in front of my laptop or my PC. It seemed that become a blogger had changed my life. Computer and I had became inseparable.

It’s amazing to realize that I can do many things in front of the computer. I can browse the internet, I can type a post, I can learn, I can read, and I can even laugh!

Here are some computer jokes taken from “ 101 Wacky Computer Jokes” by J.B. & G.C. Stamper. Enjoy it!

Where do computers go to dance?
The disk-o.

What did the spider do inside the computer?
It made a webpage.

Where do the computers go on vacation?
The Big Apple.

What do you call a computer superhero?
A Screen Saver.

Where do the computers go to shop
The Hardware Store.

What did the customers do in the busy computer store?
They got on line.

Why did the witch buy a computer?
She needed spellcheck.

How can you tell your computer is getting old?
It loses its memory.

What is the computer’s favorite movie?

What is the computer’s favorite TV show?
The Text-Files.

Why can’t the computer play tennis?
They try to surf the net.

What did the shoe salesman do when he got a computer?
He booted up.

What did a prisoner do when he got a computer?
He escaped.

What did an astronaut’s favorite place on a computer?
The space bar.

What do you get if you cross a computer and one million mosquitoes?
A gigabyte.

Computer : Did you know that computers are smarter than people?

Human : No, I didn’t know that.

Computer : See what I mean?

The President of Computed States of America
George Washdiskton
Abmodem Lincoln
John Quincy Apples
Warren G. Harddrive
William Mouse Kinley.

You know you’ve been using your computer too long when:

- you double click the floor button on an elevator.

- you try to push escape to leave a boring class

- you try to call up a different menu when your mom serves meatloaf again.

- you try to brighten the monitor when the sun starts going down.

- You try to delete your little brother.


majo said...

Juliana.... que hermosa gusto tu pagina..escribe si quieres...

kathrinx said...

oh yeah.that was funny..^_^

shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

sooo geeky and funny :D

BasH said...

Yups,,,very true, im also working in IT industry and computer/internet is part of my life now..