Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Finding My Soul Mate (Part 1)

On this coming June, I and my husband will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. We’ve been married for almost 10 years. I am so grateful for everything we’ve reached. I am so happy to be his wife. Hopefully we can maintain our marriage, love, compatibility, and faithfulness till death do us part.

I am neither a consultant nor a competent adviser. I am just an ordinary woman who wants to share my experience when I under went the process of finding my life partner. I don’t mean to show off my happiness and to be proud of it. I just hope that the readers can learn something from what I had been trough. As a Moslem, I believe in God. Its power had leaded me to find my soul mate.

It was in the year of 1997. At that time I was mentally exhausted after the failure on maintaining a relationship with a man. I said to my self “That’s enough. I don’t want to have another boy friend or any intended husband. Getting married is not the main priority anymore.” I just didn’t care. I just enjoyed my job in a foreign company in the field.

My office was located in the middle of the forest on South Sumatera. It’s like a small city, or a small community in the middle of the forest. The Company was doing a corridor block gas project. There were many companies involved in this project.

Then, life was full of choices. At least, it was the condition that I faced. There were 4 men trying to get my attention at the same time, while I was not interested. I felt reluctant to begin a relationship again. But one of my friends said that I had to consider those men. She said,” You’ll never know what will happen to you. Maybe one of them is your soul mate. The fact that you don’t have any special feeling towards them is good as a basis to select the best one. You can be more objective. A life partner should not be chosen on the basis of feelings.”

Ok, I will tell you about the 4 candidates.

The first was one of my colleagues. We worked at the same office, but actually his company and mine had a kind of join operation. His company provided workers for my company such as carpenters, welders, workmen, day laborers, crane operators, drivers, etc. He was the supervisor of those workers who was also responsible for their salary payment.

The second candidate was one of my old friends. He worked in Palembang. He used to send me letters and gifts through the driver at Palembang office. Then the driver brought it to me.

The third candidate was one of my seniors when I was a college student. He contacted me again, after our last meeting one year before.

The fourth was an employee of the other company. His office was beside mine. I knew him when I came to his office to give a report. We actually graduated from the same University, and the same faculty. I was from Civil Engineering, and he was from Mechanical Engineering. But I had never known him before.