Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Beautiful Place for Vacation (1)


Do you see the photo in my header? It was captured by my husband.That beautiful scenery is Gunung Dempo Tea Plantation in Pagar Alam. I and my family really love that place. We often spend time there on our week end.

Pagar Alam town is one of the towns in South Sumatera province, Indonesia. It is located about 298 km from Palembang, the capital city of South Sumatera.

Pagar Alam has an area of 633.66 km2. Its height is 100-1000 m above the sea level. The temperature is 140 C- 340 C.

There are some tourist’s areas there such as Lematang Indah water fall, Gunung Dempo tea plantation, Liku Lematang, and Gliding sport area.
Lematang Indah water fall

You can rent a villa or you can stay at the hotel there, they are cheap, really!

The Villas
My husband is very fond of photography. He likes to capture beautiful scenery of this place. Here are some other photos:


BasH said...

Wow very beautiful to go there 1 day.

eli said...

nice place huh,.,,what country is it? is it in india?

eli said...

plsss add me onyour site and i'll do thesame with you., a nice page and very interesting post..,

femmy said...

Hi Sis, How you found that pagaralam Place, do you from there, because I was born there 37 yesr agao, when my father work at that area, and I my mother kampong from Pagaralam.

Prily said...

wow, lovely,lovely! i will surely come here one day. the idea of renting a villa is definitely a must. I love Indonesian people like you because you are very kind. I have a very nice Indonesian friend when i was in Malaysia. She live in Bali. I love to go there as well. Sumatra? wow, looking at your photos make me fly there now!hehehe.thanks,Juliana for posting this! we'll keep in touch!

Etavasi said...

wahhh...Nice place next time :) Bring me here k... :)

Ani said...

Nice picture, nice place, hope that someday later I can go there. said...

nice view , mirip pas around to toraja . cuman gaya rumahnya beda .