Monday, May 5, 2008

A Piece of Note from My Diary ( 1 )

Especially for a pure housewife....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

When I arrived at Dea’s school, my friends there told me that Lina’s husband had just passed away because of thunderstruck. Lina is my friend, his son is Dea’s classmate.I was shocked. Inna lillahi wa inna illaihi rojiun.

I could imagine how she felt. Then I and all of my friends went to Lina’s house ( actually her mother-in-law’s house). I couldn’t stop crying when I saw how sad Lina was. She lied beside her husband’s body, hugged it close, crying.

The death came suddenly, no one could predict it. I could feel the sadness. I did not ask why this happened to her. But what I could learn from this was as a human being we should be ready to accept whatever the reality.

Lina is a housewife. Her husband was the only breadwinner who support the family.What came to my mind was how she and her son could survive. How about their future? I knew his husband did not prepare insurance, or investment, or anything to back up the family .

Lina, and I, and many other housewives should be ready to face anything like taking over the responsibility to become a breadwinner. To become a breadwinner, a housewife should have skills. She has to learn anything, and to be able to do something that can produce income to support the family.

The death of a husband is not the only thing that can force a housewife to become a breadwinner. What if her husband get sick, so he can’t work and earn some money anymore. Or, what if she gets divorce.

Even if her husband is still with her, safe and sound, it will be better if a housewife has her own income. Two sources income are better than just one source.

I myself convince that it’s better to have a skill that can support me to earn money than just to rely on my husband. But then what comes to my mind is, what kind of job that I can do to earn money? I am still searching….


Prily said...

sooo sad,my dear!hopefully, your friend will pass this trying times with strength and acceptance. this is life....

eli said...

how sad that was?
yeah its really true that we should prepare from whatever possible things that may happen..,.
but u know GOD has aplan for that family they muzt not lose their faith but just to entrust more their lives,,.,,and also its also important to have skills in different fields but in order to have it we should have earned a degree to have a profession , i think its more advantage if we have finished our studies, so that it would be easy for us to find a good job to support our family.,,.
nice post im so touch with the story.,.,.,ciao!!