Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Visiting Kuntum Nursery

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After taking Rafif to school, as usual I hang out with friends who are the parents of Rafif’s friends at TK Ibnu Hajar, Masjid Raya Bogor. For me, hanging out with friends is fun because we can exchange stories, experiences, recipes, shopping info, education info, and all things about housewife’ s concern.

That day the weather was rather cloudy at Bogor. We talked in the shade of a tree in the courtyard of the mosque. Our small talk was flowing, as I said that I wanted to plant betel and aloe vera, a friend offered me to visit the Kuntum Nursery in Tajur, Bogor, Indonesia.

Because it was still early and we still have time while waiting for the children , We decided to go there. Actually, I have never visited the place.

My friends showed me the way to the place. From Padjajaran street we go towards Tajur. Bud Nursery is located on the right of the road. Entering the parking area, we have been already feel the coolness of the place. On the right there was a small shop that sells seeds, honey, herbal medicine, flower pots, compost, growing media, fertilizers and others.

There was a path from the front of the store toward the back of the nursery area. When we got through it, the green scenery of plant set in pots or in plastic bags to greet us.

There was a unique little shop called "Cemal Cemil". When we entered, we saw various small-wooden toys organized in bamboo trays . There were

wooden windmills, wooden drums, bekel balls, small soldiers made from plastic, a small gamelan and others. Then there were also various vintage snack that were often encountered when we were kids. There were Brem (made from the essence of fermented cassava), ginger candy, cookies with various colored sugar on top, chocholate, and others. I'm interested in buying brem, the price was Rp. 5000, - each box. When I was a kid, I loved to enjoy eating brem which melt when inserted into my mouth.

We continued to look around. This time we went into a kind of semi-permanent building, which was filled with the potted plant. Then, there was one more semi-permanent house that full of some kinds of small cactus. Then there's the small bridge and a artistic wooden building with beautiful fish pond in front of it.

The fish pond was filled with beautiful fishes such as koi and goldfish. Just like understood, the group of fish approached us, hoping that we would throw food.

In the artistic wooden building, there were furniture , household knick-knacks from wood and stone being sold. There were also food fish sold at Rp. 2000, - each small plastic bag. So visitors can buy it to feed those fishes on the pond.

When the fish food was spread , the fishes in the pond were getting crowded stampeding food untill their mouths gaping. Really funny!

There was another pool at the back of buildings. The pool was filled with Garra Rufa small fish, commonly used for Fish SPA therapy. When the visitor’s feet entered into the pool, then the small fish will eat the dead skin found on the feet. The Rates for Fish Spa was Rp. 25.000, - per 20 minutes of therapy.

There were various kind of furniture being sold. There were chairs and coffee table, chairs and dining table, unique drawers , console table with mirror, wooden shelves, cabinets, wooden fruit plate, wooden boxes, and wooden rice scoop. There were also rehal Al Qur-an from wood, frame, candle holder, bowl and trinkets made of stone.

I bought rehal Al Qur-an which the color was dark. The price is Rp. 60.000, - Then a set of scoop, and wooden sodet consists of 3 pieces for Rp. 7000, -.

On the left of the entrance there was another fish pond , which its fishes can be lured. Visitors may fish in the pond. They sould pay for Rp. 30.000, - per kg of the fish they got.

Beside the fish pond, there was a food court called "Teras Air". Unfortunately when we arrived, the place has not open yet.

Sitting on the edge of the fish pond, we has small talk. I wanted to come back to this place with my husband and my children, someday. Rafif must be very happy to see the fishes in the pond.

When it was time to go home, I took time to buy betel plants and aloe vera, along with pots and its growing media.

That day, I got new experience to find another interesting place to be visited at Bogor.

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