Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Once, after giving birth the first child, I had become bored housewife whose activities only at home raising child. Because I had worked before marriage, I felt that being a housewife wasn’t really something to be proud of. My life seemed to revolve there only, it was like walking but stand still. I felt just like left behind in the appeal of friends who work outside the home. I became more foolish day by day, that’s what I felt. I tried to find a job, but none that seemed appropriate.

One day I met a friend. She was a doctor who was continuing her education to obtain specialist medical degree. We hugged each other and laugh because it was long time no see. Our chat flowed. When I told her that I was only a housewife, she said, "How lovely, you make me jealous!. I am sad, because now I have to sacrifice my time with my husband and children. My husband works in another area, my son leave with my parents, and I ... I should spend my time in this hospital, even sometimes I have to go to another area doing research for months. Just imagine my family, what kind of family I have? ... "I saw the sorrow on her face. . then I tried to comfort her. "It’s oke, you do this for the better future, don’t you?”

Although the meeting was short in time, but it gave quite an impression in my heart. Humans are always unsatisfied with what they had. They always feel others are more fortunate. Since then I was determined to be the thankful one, so I can enjoy my life more.

Okay, maybe I did not feel comfortable with a routine at all. So I tried to find other activities, beyond the routine as housewife. I love English, so I chose to join an English course in a Language Institute. As a result, I felt my life more passionate. I finished the course until the highest level.

Beside English course, I do the aerobic exercise and body language at least 3 times a week. Then I also need to spend some time taking care of my self with the message, body SPA and cream bath once a week. Normally it takes about 3 hours doing those activities in the beauty salon. But since my husband complained about spending too much time there , I found the “win-win solution” . I decided to do the body care at home. Once in a week, a beautician come to my house to do the message, body SPA and creambath. Although the activities take 3 hours, but I ‘m still at home, with my three kids and also with my two maids which help me taking care of the kids.

Other activity is writing. So I write anything that comes in my mind on my blog. It was my friend the late Hendro Darsono who taught me to create a blog. Thank you so my, my friend. I will always remember you… I hope you live hapily there in paradise.

Now, I live my life as a housewife with sincerity. I no longer feel left behind with friends who work outside the home. With the internet, I can find the latest news, trending and various knowledge.

Like today, I start the day with great excitement. Get up early, do the morning prayer and cook breakfast for the kids. I help the kids to prepare them to go to school. The next activity is take a bath and have my breakfast. After taking my children to school, I go to the gym. Gymnastic and fitness workout are the activities that are very useful for me. In addition to health, exercise also made me feel happy. I am determined to stay fit so I can take care for children and serve my husband properly.

Shopping for daily necessities the next activity. I do that before picking up my children from school.

While waiting for the children in the parking area, I greet my friends on Facebook and Blackberry messanger. It is fun that I could still interact with my friends although we are separated by a far distance.

After praying dzuhur and having lunch, I "fell" into the kitchen. The children made the request of pempek and tekwan. Those are the traditional food from South Sumatra which made from fish and starch flour. So I create their order with joy, even let my youngest boy “help “ me swirl the flour. Actually he is just playing with the admixture. Ha..ha..

The most enjoyable part is when my kids like my cooking. Glad to see them eat pempek enthusiastically.

Shopping in the supermarket can be very exciting. I took my kids there and the they start racing to find stuff and put them on the trolley. Anin is busy looking for egg noodles, while Dea and Rafif seek their own milk. But they also do not miss the opportunity to buy their favorite food: ice cream.

In the evening, I accompanied the kids learning and doing homework. There are two things that I get. First, I can help children learn. Second, I could build a closeness to them. It is very important for mother and child relationship.

All and all, I really feel grateful for everything I have.. Good husband, healthy children , a happy life, Alhamdulillah. No more desire to work outside the home, leaving the children. Now, I really enjoy being a housewife.

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