Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Debt Problem

That afternoon my phone rang, there was an incoming sms. Soon I red it, apparently from one of my friends whose her kid was in the same school with my son. Her sms was rather long, explaining that she was in trouble and need the loan money. Finish reading the sms, I felt headache. Was this the symptom of stress?

Have not replied the sms, my phone rang again. This time also from one of my friends, a new friend. "My family was in the hospital, so I need a cash loan of 3 million only. Can you help me? "As soon as she said. After I said that I should ask my husband first, then the phone was turned off. My stomach was queasy.

The total in this week there were 6 people who intended to borrow money from me. And all of them makes my head dizzy. It’s not without reason I felt so.

Starting from the previous years. There were dozens of people from various strata of life with a variety of reasons come to me and my husband. They owed the sum total to 9-digit numbers. And almost all did not or have not returned the money.

Some came with tears, and promised to immediately return the loan money, then disappear swallowed by the earth. There was a close friend like a brother, borrow money, then moved without saying goodbye. There was a childhood friend, borrow money, then there was no news anymore. There was someone apparently very pious, God was always mentioned from his words, the hajj has been many times, but it turned out when it's dealing with money, it was so hard to return the debt. In short, from the rich to the poor, from the pious to the infidel, from old to new friends, there's no debt on our that were successful being returned!

Because of those bad experiences, each time I hear the word "debt" or "borrow money", I get headache and queasy stomach. I and my husband were no longer able to increase the amount of money we owed. It is a dillema. If I do not give the loan money, the friendship is disrupted. But If I give it and then the loan money do not be returned, the relationship also goes bad . Indeed, debt can damage the relationship.

Finally I take the middle road. If there are friends who want to borrow money for reasons that make sense, then I would offer a certain amount of money that I give with sincerity as a charity, of course not at the amount of money to be borrowed. If he accepts, it could be a field of charity for me and my husband.

Then, I don’t want to save money in excess amount in savings. It's better to pay the money in insurance premiums, property, or deposited. So if one wants to owe, I do not have to lie by saying "no money" because it is in fact there is no money.

One friend suggested, when giving loans, there should be a guarantee in the form of goods (eg car or house) and equipped with the agreement. The proposal was great, I think. But for now, I'm still traumatized to give more loans to others.

Too bad there are still many people who think is not important to pay their debts. Yet debt will be accounted for on the day of eternal life later. The obligation to pay the debts mentioned in the following hadith:

From Abi Hurairah r, a. Said that the Messenger of Allah said, "Whoever wrongdoer to his brother that faith of his property or part of it, he must finish it today (in the world) before the coming day when the dinar and dirham not give any benefit. If he has good deeds, the charity was given to his brother who was treated unfairly. But if he does not have a pious deeds so that his brother’s sin is inflicted upon him. "

(H. R. Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi and Abu Daud)

So remember the words of a friend "No property would be brought by the dead people, but there are people who die carrying someone else's property ..." very ironic.

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