Friday, January 30, 2009

My Experience during Hajj Pilgrimage 2008 (9)

Indonesian Food in Madinah

Every time I visit a place, no matter where, the first thing I want to try is its special food. In Madinah I‘d tried eating Briyani Rice, and Kebab for the first three days. But still, I missed Indonesian food.

Walking along the street near Masjid Nabawi, I was excited when I found a man, an Indonesian man, were standing in front of a building offering people to come to Indonesian Restaurant.

I and my husband came to the restaurant. We found bakso (meat ball), rendang (spicy meat, traditional food of Padang, West Sumatra), rempeyek kacang, and tempe (Indonesian traditional food made of soybean), and many more. That’s good enough to cure our longing of Indonesian food!


wyd said...

yaahhh u went so far from home but u sufficiently had rendang... ohhh myyyy!!!

hey i'd done link to your blog. thx

Anonymous said...

Where about us the restaurant I can't find any in madinah